Teachers' Day

My favourite teacher, Mr. Anil Sharma

Aashi Chaudhary

Aashi Chaudhary is a Class XI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

Fr. Gerald Grace, S.J., our school play director

Udai Pratap Singh

Udai Pratap Singh is a Distinguished Alumnus Award winner from the Indian Institute of Technology, Kanpur where he completed his undergraduate degree in 1972. He went on to receive graduate degrees from Clemson University and the University of Florida. In December 2014, he retired as Vice President of CH2M HILL, one of the largest firms in civil, environmental, and infrastructure engineering. He currently resides in Moraga, California.

Miss Vania, more a friend than a teacher

Mira Purohit

Mira Purohit had her early education in Delhi and Jaipur. She is a pediatrician, having pursued her medical studies in Jaipur. She served in the Rajasthan Government, devoting her working career to treating children and teaching budding doctors to treat kids. She retired as Professor, and now leads a retired life in Jaipur.

The teachers in my life

Sundaram Iyer

Sundaram Iyer, popularly known as Sunny, resigned from the Department of Customs and Excise as Superintendent to pursue his dreams in distant shores. Although he now has many new friends he still hangs on to his old ones.

My teachers at St. Xaviers School, Jaipur

Kamal Kant Kothari

Kamal Kant Kothari passed BSc (Honours) in Physics from Rajasthan University with a First Class First and was awarded four gold medals. He got his management degree from the Indian Institute of Management Ahmedabad (1972) Kamal is also a recipient of National Merit scholarship. He has served in several top notch firms including ICICI, now a bank, and Shipping Corporation of India. He has also been a Government of India Scholar at Harvard University.

शिक्षण के माध्यम से अपने जीवन यात्रा की याद

कुसुम भटनागर

श्रीमती कुसुम भटनागर का जनम १९३६ में हुआ । सोफिया कॉलेज , अजमेर से शुरूआत करते हुए वे राजस्थान के विभिन्न पाठशालाओं में शिक्षिका रह चुकी हैं । वर्तमान में श्रीमती भटनागर अजमेर में एक शांत सेवानिवृत्त जीवन बिता रहीं हैं जहाँ वे अपने द्वारा बनाए गए शिव मंदिर की देख रेख में सक्रिय रूप से शामिल हैं ।

Ms. L.G. Lutter – my principal at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' Public School

Rima Hooja

Dr. Rima Hooja is an alumnus of Maharani Gayatri Devi School, Jaipur. By profession she’s an archaeologist, historian, writer, and a distinguished academician. She’s a Fellow of the Royal Asiatic Society of Great Britain and Ireland. She is the recipient of the prestigious Maharana Kumbha Award, amongst others. Dr Hooja has served on various governing Boards and Councils. Her tome on the History of Rajasthan is the jewel in the crown of her copious writing.

My English teacher, Mrs. Punam Yadav


Kanan is a Class VI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

My favourite teacher, Mrs. Rajni Jain

Vikas Singh Chauhan

Vikas Singh Chauhan is a Class XI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

The teacher who teaches you your favourite subject automatically become your favourite. Isn’t it? Same is the case with me too. Whatever the reason is my English teacher – Mrs. Rajni Jain is my favourite.

My favourite teacher, Mrs. Poonam Yadav


Kumud is a Class VI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.


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