Dinesh Chandra Misra

Dinesh Chandra Misra was born at Lucknow (U.P.). He passed the Intermediate exam from U.P. Board in 1970 Thereafter, due to transfer of his father from Lucknow to Bikaner Rly Div, Dinesh completed B.Sc. & M.A. (Economics) at Dungar College, Bikaner, affiliated to University of Rajasthan. Dinesh played Hockey at the state level and indulged in many outdoor activities to keep himself fit.

Subsequently, Dinesh joined Customs & Central Excise as Inspector in 1976 at Jodhpur. During his in-service period Dinesh served at Delhi Airport, NCB, CBN, Municipal Corporation, Delhi (on deputation), CEIB and lastly again at IGI Airport, Delhi from where he superannuated in 2014 as Addl. Commissioner.

Dinesh is a regular blood donor at Armed Forces Transfusion Clinic at Delhi Cantt and Red Cross, Delhi.Post retirement Dinesh has been keeping himself fit with regular morning walk and Pranayam.Dinesh is a keen observer of current events. Reading newspapers and following sports events is a regular menu on his routine.Dinesh represented the Dept in Hockey in North Zone and All India Revenue sports competitions.

He has been blessed with two sons. Post retirement Dinesh lives at New Delhi with his wife Madhu who is an expert cook of Veg dishes.


                                                   January 1996

In January 1996 I was posted at Customs Division, Jodhpur, as Supdt Prev.

After attending the flag hoisting ceremony on Republic Day at Kuchaman Bunglow at the office of Customs, Jodhpur,   I had just barely returned home when a messenger from NCB Zonal office  came with the news that I should reach the Zonal office and meet Zonal Director ,  Dr . R P Sharma.

Kuchaman House Customs office Jodhpur 

Shortly, I reached Zonal office and met Dr.Sharma who told me that Mr. Devendra Dutt, Dy. Director Gen, NCB Delhi, wished that I should speak to him urgently.

Dr.Sharma made the call to Mr.Dutt from his office landline phone.

NCB office jodhpur 

Earlier I had served under Mr. Dutt at NCB Delhi from 1986 to 1993. He knew me well. That’s why I was not surprised at all.

When I spoke Mr.Dutt he told me that he wanted my services for an operation at Jaisalmer helping NCB Jodhpur officers.

In this regard he briefed to meet the informer at the NCB office itself who had good information  but NCB Jodhpur officials  had failed twice to act  fruitfully .

After the call I told Dr.Sharma to let me take verbal permission from my Commissioner of Customs Jaipur since my seniors at Jodhpur had left the station on leave.

  Mr.Mahendra Prasad, Commissioner Customs Jaipur, immediately permitted me to assist NCB in the operation mentioned by Mr. Dutt.

Having received the all clear signal I requested   Dr.Sharma to keep his team ready to accompany me on this mission.

At home I packed my bags for 2-3days tour without telling my family members about my destination and purpose.

I also decided to use my personal car to maintain secrecy.

I left Jodhpur mid noon with one Intelligence Officer [IO] for acting as my assistant along with the informer.

 As per plan, NCB Jodhpur team followed us maintaining some distance.

Enroute, I directed the informer to call the drug supplier and brief him about me as a drug dealer from Delhi who required good quality 25 kgs. Heroin.

 About 15 kms before Jaisalmer I dropped off the informer at a bus stand for catching a bus to Jaisalmer and to meet me with the drug supplier in the evening at my hotel.

 We reached Jaisalmer around 5 in the evening and checked in a small hotel.  NCB Jodhpur team also checked in the same hotel on the same floor but not near my room.  We remained in touch over walkie-talkie.

Jaisalmer lake during monsoon 

The informer came around 7 in the evening along with the drug supplier, aged about 35-40 years old.

 I introduced myself as a drug purchaser from Delhi requiring 25 kgs of good quality heroin. I told the drug supplier that I was ready to pay cash after testing the drug for quality.

The drug supplier requested me to come to an undisclosed location in his village close to the city.

 I declined his request. He left apparently satisfied about the deal saying that he would come back next day .

                                   27th January 1996

 As promised the drug supplier came in the morning and told me that heroin would be delivered to me at another undisclosed hotel about 4 kms away.

 I refused to accept this. I wanted the heroin to be supplied in my room.  He left and returned again in the evening accompanied with the informer.

 He informed me that the delivery could be made at nearby hotel whose name would be disclosed at the last minute.

 Once more I was forced to express my displeasure clearly indicating to him that I suspected his credibility as a prospective drug supplier.

I told him that some years back I had lost hefty cash in a deal at Varanasi where the fake drug supplier had looted my money.

 He told me that we Rajasthani people are very fair in our deals. I told him that in case he desires he could see  the cash with me to satisfy himself about my credentials .

I had brought 2 medium sized suitcases  filled with  currency notes inside from NCB Jodhpur office . I showed them to the drug supplier to establish my credentials. He was apparently satisfied. 

At that time he told me that this ‘show’ was not required. I further told him that in case he fails to deliver the heroin to me at my hotel room by 9 am   tomorrow i.e.  28th, I would leave Jaisalmer for Delhi as I was committed to dispatch one heroin consignment to Europe by air on 29th Jan.

 I further told the supplier that I wanted to include part of the heroin from this consignment to be part consignment. He left my room along with the informer to see me again next morning.

I had not moved out of my room at all since checking in and my car was parked all this while in the car park just outside the hotel.

It was a risky parking.

On walkie talkie I had a chat with NCB team and briefing them to be ready in the morning next day that is 28th to rush to my room after getting the signal from my assistant disguised as ‘room service’.

                                      28th January 1996

The drug supplier came to my room the next day around 9 in the morning wrapping his body in a blanket.

He bolted my room from inside and dropped some 8-10 packets of brownish powder packed in transparent polybags.

ultra white Heroin 

At this stage I again expressed my disappointment on seeing such little quantity of heroin against my requirement of 25 kgs.

He told me that in the  1st deal with an unknown person  he can supply only that much quantity  assuring me that in his next deal  he would give 25 or 50 kgs heroin or even more.

 I directed my assistant to take a sample of powder to test its quality inside the washroom. Simultaneously I asked the supplier whether he would like to share tea with me.

He immediately agreed to have tea.  I told my assistant to order tea for all of us. In the meanwhile, the assistant signalled the NCB team from inside the washroom to rush to my room. 

Within a couple of minutes there was a knock on my door with  the  voice "room service".

 I opened the door and 5-6 persons barged into the room informing all of us that they were Narcotics officers and started thrashing the supplier and me as well as per the plan.

They blindfolded me and the supplier. I told them I am prepared to give them the entire cash with me provided they let me escape. They accepted my proposal and let me run away from there.

My assistant and I collected our already packed belongings from the hotel and left the hotel in my car for Jodhpur.

In the car my assistant told me that Dr.R.P.Sharma; Zonal Director  had also reached Jaisalmer on 27th Jan after knowing the developments of our deal from his NCB team covering us. 

On the way I met the Zonal Director at the BSF Guesthouse, Jaisalmer.  He was very pleased about the outcome and thanked me profusely for my role as an UNDERCOVER AGENT.

 While returning from Jaisalmer we purchased 5-6 bottles of chilled beer for celebrating the success of the operation.

 I drove my car at high speed something which I had never done before.

I was elated.

                                        29th January 1996

On 29th at Jodhpur NCB office I was informed by Dr.R.P.Sharma that his team had seized 8.740 kgs of good quality heroin in that operation.

 Upon reaching my Customs Office at Jodhpur I met with  my Asst.Commr. Mr. R.P. Meena and Addl. Comm. Mr. M.P. Meena and briefed them thoroughly about the Heroin Seizure and subsequent developments.

Meanwhile the news of the Heroin seizure at Jaisalmer was prominently published in detail by all Jodhpur newspapers on 29th January.

In order to protect my safety, I changed the registration number of my car with a Jodhpur number plate with the help of NCB Jodhpur. I also changed my seat covers and pulled down the protective film from all the windows. 

Just to avoid chance detection.

                           2 MONTHS LATER – April 1996

In late April  one of my inspectors under my charge came to me at my office and informed that one potential informer wants to meet me inside Jodhpur Jail ( where he is presently lodged) to pass on some information to me.

 I reached Jodhpur Jail in my car and met the jailor on duty introducing myself and informing him of the purpose of the visit at about 4 pm. He informed  me that all the jail inmates were on field duty and would return at 5 pm so I could wait in his room.

While waiting   , I saw one person in civil clothes entering the jailor’s room at 4:30.

 He made eye contact with me for about 4-5 seconds and left the room.

 I could see the anger in his eyes and I suddenly realised that he was the same person who was caught with the heroin seizure at Jaisalmer on 28th January.

 Shortly, the jailor also came to his room and told me that the inmate required by me has also returned to his barrack and would be with me within 5 minutes.

 Sensing great risk to my personal safety  from the person who had entered the jailor’s room earlier, I excused myself and told the jailor about some urgent work I had to attend to and left the Jail premises.

I quickly reached NCB Jodhpur office and met the Zonal Director Sharma.

 I told him about the shocking presence of the drug supplier nabbed at Jaisalmer in January operation in Jodhpur jail and questioned him about his presence.

His [the supplier] being lodged in Jodhpur jail my undercover identity was completely blown.

It was a great blow to safety and security of me and my family.

 Suddenly I felt vulnerable for the first time in my anti smuggling operations. 

To my utter disbelief Zonal Director sheepishly   confirmed that the drug dealer was indeed lodged in Jodhpur jail by his officers.

                                       It was a great betrayal.

 The next day, I called up Mr. Devendra Dutt DDG, New Delhi, and briefed him about the unexpected encounter with the drug supplier from my Jaisalmer case in Jodhpur jail.

 Mr. Dutt was shocked beyond words. I requested him for my urgent transfer to Delhi from Jodhpur.

 Within 10 days, I got my orders to move to NCB Delhi.

 I returned to Delhi with my family and joined Delhi NCB in May.

                   I felt safe once I reached Delhi. 

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