My Roots and i.

Advaita Tiwari

Advaita is 13 years old and is studying in 9th Standard at Malvern International School, Hong Kong. Advaita loves reading and writing among a host of other interests. She articulates her opinions with no holds barred.

 My Roots and i
When asked about my roots, the story runs deep
Beneath surfaces, there lies more to see
Though I live abroad, my spirit has been sown
In Indian soil, its colours are my own.

My homeland, a tapestry woven with vibrant hues,
Where hawkers have everything and nothing to lose,
From the majestic हिमालय (Himalayas), towering high,
To the sun-kissed beaches that touch the sky.

In the morning mist, the गंगा (Ganges) flows,
A sacred river where devotion grows.
Bathing in its waters, seeking divine grace,
A spiritual journey, finding solace in its embrace.

The streets always awake, a cacophony of sounds,
Where rickshaws navigate through bustling towns.
Colours explode in a sparkling display,
In the bazaars, chaos reigns in every way.

In the sphere of flavours, scrumptious for the senses,
The aroma of our spices, intense and relentless.
Curries and biryanis, a culinary delight,
A symphony of tastes, igniting everyone’s appetite.

In the rural expanse, fields stretch wide,
Where farmers toil, their sweat as their guide.
Toiling on the land, with hope in their hands,
Nurturing life, as nature's orchestra expands.

मंदिर (Temples) stand tall, guardians of the past,
These temples whisper tales that centuries have amassed.
In intricate carvings, mythology comes alive,
A glimpse into history that continues to thrive.

From the poetry of Tagore to Bollywood's song,
There is no place in India where talent doesn’t belong.
Artists paint with passion, their canvases ablaze,
Expressing the soul of a nation, in myriad ways.

From our independence struggle to dreams yet fulfilled,
Resilience and courage, a spirit distilled.
When asked about my roots, the story runs deep
India's spirit is forever alive in me.


Advaita Tiwari, God bless you my child! You are the generation upon whom we shall always feel proud of. In our Times we, now olderly people had no such genius mind to think so deep about life ,society, spirituality or the matters not related to us directly. Nor did we had the communication skill or even the language but we struggled of our part and now you carry our dreams ahead ! Good luck! God bless you!

Advaita may be only 13 years young;
But her thought process covers Centuries of Indian Art, CuCulture & Philosophy. It shows there is still hope in the young Brigade of our Nation, called - Bharat !

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