Working with Prof. P. C. Mathur

Alok Mathur

Alok Mathur graduated in mathematics, economics and statistics from the University of Rajasthan. He also did his Masters in Political Science from the same institution. He worked very closely with Prof. P. C. Mathur on various projects. He has vast experience in computer programming and is proficient in all aspects of computer related issues. At present he’s running a computer service centre which deals with many aspects of serious computing work.

I had the proud privilege of working with Prof. P. C. Mathur, beginning with Social Policy Research Institute where he had been holding charge of Project Director. I was associated with him in his academic work since 1997. He had laid the foundation for SPRC Institute and linked it to various socio-economic issues in the state of Rajasthan. He contributed heavily in many areas. His contribution in the realm of Panchayati Raj institutions was impeachable. His vast knowledge of most contemporary issues was comprehensive. He was an invaluable asset to Ashok Mehta committee in late 70s. He enjoyed organizing seminars and symposiums to get the views of a cross-section of the thinking society.

I had free access to his intellectual domain. He would easily share his thoughts but it took some mulling over to understand the deep importance of each strand of his thinking.

I assisted Prof. P. C. Mathur in whichever way he sought my assistance in his various project assigned to him by the UGC and ICSST. I was closely involved in organizing a three-day conclave on issues relating to Dadi Nani symposium.

He would patiently explain his needs and expected everyone to rise to the occasion. I certainly learnt a lot from him and his training has come in handy ever since.

I have very fond memories of my association with PC sahib, as he was fondly referred to by everyone. And these memories shall always remains with me as a invaluable treasure. His untimely death was a great loss to academic world.

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