मीना मेम

प्रेरणा शर्मा

Prerna Sharma, age 12, is a Class VII student at Saloni International Academy, village Chak Charanwas, district Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is a rural, Hindi-medium school about 45 km from Jaipur city. Prerna comes from a poor family background but wants to succeed. This poem is about her favourite teacher, Ms. Meena.

बंदउ गुरु पद पदुम परागा।

सुरुचि सुबास सरस अनुरागा।।

जैसे गुलदस्ते फूलों से महकते हैं

उसी प्रकार मीना मेम के ज्ञानरूपी

भंडार से हम बच्चों के जीवन महकते हैं

—प्रेरणा शर्मा, कक्षा VII, सलोनि इंटरनेशनल एकेडमी स्कूल, चाक चरणवास

Ode to Ms. Meena by Prerna Sharma


And she will succeed - thanks to her Meena ma'm.

Highly appreciable regard for the Guru !

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