The Little Mermaid

Aanya Mathur

Aanya Mathur, age 9, is a student of class III at Gems Founders School, Dubai, U.A.E.

In her free time, Aanya likes to write short stories.

Far out in the sea where the water is very deep, the Sea King ruled the undersea world. In the deepest spot of the sea was his castle. The walls were made of blue coral. On the roof there were shells that opened and closed when the water passed by. That's where the Sea King lived with his mother and four daughters, each one born a year apart.

The youngest of the princesses was the little Mermaid. She spent most of her time swimming to the ships that had fallen to the bottom of the sea. The ships held treasures from the world above! She would fill her arms and set up her collection here and there. All this while, she would sing. As she did, fishes circled around her to hear her. For the little Mermaid, her voice was the most beautiful under the sea.

The girls knew that when they would turn 15, they could swim up to the surface for the first time. It would be a long time that little Mermaid had to wait as she was the youngest of all! So, she made her grandmother tell all about life up on the land — tales about ships, towns and every bit of stories about humans that she knew.

Soon, the eldest turned 15. She was the first to be allowed to rise up to the surface. When she came back, she had many wonders to tell her sisters about! She told about resting on soft white sand. High above was a deep blue sky with puffy white clouds. Later, as the sun sets, she said the whole sky turned gold and red. She had watched the birds fly high above her, dipping and making turns in the red and gold sky.

When the next sister turned 15, it was winter and the icebergs were floating in the sea and shining bright. All the ships stayed far away from the icebergs. It seems the icebergs did not seem lonely and just like friends they were floating close to each other.

When the third sister turned 15, she moved as close as she could to the gate of a Town. She heard people callout horses that went clip-clopping down the street and even the rhythmic music that she had never heard before.

All this the little mermaid heard with wonder. It wasn’t fair that she had to wait the longest! At last, the day came when she turned 15, too. Now, she could rise up to the surface and see for herself.

The little Mermaid was swimming next to the large ship. On the ship beautiful music was playing and sailors were dancing on the deck. They were laughing and having a merry time. A handsome young man stepped out of the deck and threw his crown; the little mermaid said “he must be a Prince”.

Suddenly, there was a rainstorm and the ship started to shake on the rough waves. As it was dark and lighting in the sky, the little mermaid was wondering how to save the people on the deck. She knew that the human beings cannot live under the water. So she made a gigantic water bubble from her mouth and grabbed the young Prince inside the bubble and swam to the shore.

She popped the bubble gently and pulled out the prince on the dry sand. After a while, the Prince woke up and wondered where he was. The little mermaid explained as to what had happened to him. The young Prince thanked her and felt blessed for having his life saved by the Mermaid.

The Prince wanted to take the little mermaid to his palace. But she refused to go with him because she had to go back to the water otherwise she would die. The Prince came forward and said “I will not let you die, dear.” He kissed her hands and the Mermaid turned in to a beautiful princess.

The Prince and the princesses sailed through the boat and reached to the palace. A grand celebration was done for their marriage and they lived happily ever after.


Hi Didi, I like the story you wrote.

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