Ode to Ms. Leena, Social Studies teacher

Disha Kabra

Disha Kabra is a Class VII student at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur. This poem is about her favourite teacher, Ms. Leena, who teaches Social Studies.

My favourite teacher is different,

Different from the world.

She is unique,

And that is why I like her.

My favourite teacher is my SST teacher Mrs Leena.

She teaches us history like a historian,

Civics like a socialist

And geography like a geographer.

When she teaches us,

We go to the world of imagination.

We feel we are in ancient times with the Mughals

Or in the Douro valley of Portugal,

Otherwise with a sarpanch discussing social welfare.

She is not only a good teacher,

But also a good friend of mine.

She cracks jokes and has fun with us.

Today on this Teacher's day,

I would like to say "Thank you for always supporting us."

— Disha Kabra, VII B, M.G.D Girls' School


Lucky to have such a teacher!

I am lucky, no doubt! no teacher in our school is like here. She is awesome you can also view article written on her by harshita agarwal.

Good written Disha Kabra

Nice Poem. Very well written.

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