Learning the Keyboard

Kiana Lal

 8 year old Kiana  Lal is a student of Class IV at Ahlcon International School, Delhi. Apart from keyboard, Kiana loves reading stories in English and Hindi. Kiana  also loves  to spend her  time in doing some science experiments at home with her parents.

I started learning the keyboard three months ago. I got the keyboard on my 8th Birthday till then I was playing on my small keyboard. It has 61 keys. My earlier key board was 37 Key Casio and this one is 61 Key Yamaha. It can play any musical instrument like trumpet or drums. I have my keyboard classes at 3 or 4 with my sir on Zoom. The first song I learnt was Fur Elise that was written by Beethoven.

I learn my keyboard in the evening. I find it difficult to play it with both hands but I am getting it as I practice and I do it with musical notes. Musical notes are drawn instead of witing them. Musical notes are written on five lines.It is different for right and left hand. The right hand is called treble clef and the left hand is called bass clef. I am also learning sight-reading of notes and with more and more practice I will get better. I have fun learning the keyboard.

Apart from keyboard, I love reading stories in English and Hindi. I also like to spend my time in doing some science experiments at home with my parents. 

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