My beloved teacher, Ms. Nikeeta Tamra

Latasha Agarwal

Latasha Agarwal is a Class VIII student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

It takes a special person

To teach a child in class

To just keep his attention

In a world that moves so fast.

To show a child he is unique

With talents deep inside

To help to build his confidence

So, he can beam with pride.

I was happy that you're my teacher

I enjoyed each lesson you taught

As my role model you inspired me,

To dream and to work and to reach.

To show a little patience

For a child who's lost his way

For a child who feels abandoned

Who has seen better days.

With your kindness you got my attention,

Everyday you planted a seed,

Of curiosity and and motivation,

To know and to grow and to succeed.

To inspire and to motivate,

So a child can learn and grow,

To go into this big wide world,

That has it's highs and lows.

You helped me fulfill my dream,

I'm thankful to you for not letting me rest,

I admired you each day and i just want to say,

As a teacher,you're the best.

You are a special person

You always gave your best,

And for every child who has your class,

Their life is truly blessed.

To You Miss Nikeeta

I am so much in awe of you. I know not what to write about you!

Words and words, only words I have for you.

Mind not my blabbering to consider you as my best teacher.

As i have expressed, I know not to give wprds to my feelings.

Expressions facial I'm good at but not in writing.

At times I wonder how God endowed you with so many blessings while others seem to be deprived.

Whom should I compare you to -

To a computer;

to a spring;

or to something more resourceful that is

to come?

You are no less than a magician to me.

You pull a strain here or pull a strain there.

You bring out the best from all over.

I know none is perfect but God;

You seem to be as a person perfection clad.

You dust the rust out of me and bring the best for others to see.

You tease me

You tease my brains

You daunt me

You cajole me

You mess me

You caress me

You inspire me

to ignite the fire in me!

With you, with me

I can tread any length

you are not with me;

but your blessings

can motivate me.

I do admire Nikeeta dear, my teacher!

Memories flood me

the mere thought of thee!

— Latasha Agarwal, VIII B, St. Xaviers, Behror

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