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It. Was. A. Nightmare

Advaita Tiwari

Advaita is 10 year old and is studying in 7th Standard in Shatin College, Hong Kong..Advaita loves reading and writing amongst host of other interets. She articlulates  her  opinions with holds barred .

                                      It. Was. A. Nightmare.

Free 'Verse Order' Up

Aditya Mathur

  Aditya Mathur is a student of class 5 and lives in the San Francisco  Bay Area , California .Aditya is a voracious reader. He's already finished reading all Harry Potter stories and is onto other authors.

Aditya enjoys playing Baseball and Cricket . His favourite past-time is playing Minecraft video game and chatting with his friends on Discord while doing so. 

The Toy that came to Life

Abir Ramchandani

 Abir is  7 years old and is a class 2 student. He has varied interests and loves to explore and learn new things. Abir enjoys playing tennis, cricket, violin and solving math puzzles. He is a keen reader and at the time of writing this story, he was reading Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Enid Blyton which piqued his imagination to come up with this creative concoction! He wrote the story on a paper which his mom typed for this publication. 

It's Checkmate

Arsh Mathur

Arsh is a Class 4 Tamarix  student at Ghana International School Accra Ghana . Arsh loves playing  chess and is already a veteran of 4000 games. During covid times Arsh pakys chess against his friends via Zoom. 

 Besides his interets in chess, Arsh likes coding , drawing and learning shlokas. 



Its  Checkmate!

My Parents

Suhana Mathur

  Hi  everyone ! My name is Suhana and I am a student of Class V at Vidya  Bal Bhawan Public School , Vasundhara, Ghaziabad . I am very fond of music and dancing . I love my parents. My story is all about my Parents . 

    I am writing this short story on my life line………….. “My Parents”

My Siblings and I

Harsh Mathur


Harsh Mathur is student of Class VII  at Apeejay School Noida . Harsh is fond of cooking and studying maths.. 

His siblings are his motivators and they have great bonding, he feels protected in family background . 



I have two siblings , one sister and one brother. My brother's name is Aayush who is 16 years old and my sister’s name is Anika who is 19 years old. 

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