It's Checkmate

Arsh Mathur

Arsh is a Class 4 Tamarix  student at Ghana International School Accra Ghana . Arsh loves playing  chess and is already a veteran of 4000 games. During covid times Arsh pakys chess against his friends via Zoom. 

 Besides his interets in chess, Arsh likes coding , drawing and learning shlokas. 



Its  Checkmate!

In 2017 Mr.Phillip Ameku was coming to my house to teach my brother chess. After a few months he competed in a competition and he finished second place and it inspired me to start learning chess.

Arsh with his teacher Mr Philip Ameku 

  A year passed and in 2018 I turned six. My mother started calling Mr Philip  to teach me and also my brother chess.

 Along with learning and playing with Mr. Philip, I started playing chess in an app called

I kept losing games and won a few but I was learning more and more. I was focusing more on how my opponents play. When he was coming, after the classes he taught me how to play the keyboard. He was like a friend to me .

Since last year due to corona I have been playing chess on zoom with my friends. It is very fun. We are laughing, making jokes and learning more. I am in intermediate.

 I have competed in over ten competitions online I played with people whom I  don't know. In the latest competition I got  second place. I am going to play all over the world. If I win one of them I will represent my beloved  country.  I was born in Ghana. I have started playing on

 I have played over four thousand games on lichess and looking forward to all the competitions and excelling in them.

Arsh with his parents and elder brother Shabd






Wonderful Arsh, keep playing and improving your game and strategies. God bless

That's great. Keep playing.

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