Poems on War, Robots and Gravity

Saksham Mathur

Saksham Mathur, age 13, is a student of class VII at Anand Niketan International School, Ahmedabad. He is deeply interested in science and its mysteries.

Saksham loves outings to exotic places. He is very fond of playing cricket and table tennis. In his free time, Saksham likes to dabble in creativity and finer arts. He also enjoys speaking from public platforms.


  1. Machinations of War
  2. What if I were a robot?
  3. Gravity

Machinations of War

Men are marching, ready to shoot,
Trudging through debris, covered with soot.
Bullets loaded, explosives set,
Ready to snatch every life they can get.

Soldiers are killed, violently ripped apart,
As a flurry of bullets enters their heart.
Inflicting a hole in the enemy’s chest,
That’s all that matters, forget the rest.

Women pray like never before,
Hoping their families have happier times in store.
People left homeless, their houses burnt down,
Surrounded by blood and gore, sleeping on the ground.

Why don’t we humans find another way?
To solve our issues, so everyone gets a say?
War is a catalyst to our downfall,
Fighting one another won’t help us at all.

What if I were a robot?

What if I were a robot?
In the deepest rivers I could float.

And if this were true,
I could fly to the zoo.

In one second I could read the bills.
In one minute I could scale the hills.

When I do these things my heart fills.
I'd love to make a hundred mills.

I bet I am the swiftest.
I could eat everything at once in a fest.
Oh yeah I am the best.

I don't mean to brag.
But a hundred elephants I can drag.

What if a male tiger pounces on me?
So I copy the moves of Bruce Lee,

I punch him and use a secret technique,
And I laugh on him when I see him freak.
I have sharper nails than a woodpecker's beak.

Now it's time for me to go to the zoo,
So that's a bye-bye for me and you!

(Written at age 10, in 2016)

Does gravity keep us down to Earth? (pun intended)

Let’s fabricate a reality,
Where no one’s heard of gravity.
Newton wouldn’t have been renowned,
No human would have touched the ground!

Tears would have flown upwards,
We would have lived like a flock of birds.
Jetpacks wouldn’t have seemed marvelous,
All of us can fly, what’s the fuss?

Earthlings wouldn’t have seen the Moon,
From this waterless swimming pool.
We would never have been constrained,
Flying about in the vast space!


Very good thoughts from a young mind.
Wish him good luck. God bless him.

We have to go back to 1941! Isaac Asimov coined the term 'robotics' at that time. Good idea to read his books. They are very exciting!

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