My ups and downs but I am a winner

Yadav Ram

Yadav Ram was born in 1955 in Patiala, Punjab and had his education in Chandigarh. He did his LLB from Meerut University.

Starting work as a teacher, he moved on to being an automobile mechanic, serving with the Armed Forces HeadQuarters and working at an insurance company. He settled down to steady employment after he joined the Department of Central Excise and Service Tax. Upon retirement, he has started a law firm as a consultant.

Inspired by the story of Ms. Kavita Batheja, here’s my life story.

My late father was the first person to come out of our small village in Haryana near the Rajasthan border at Patiala. He was in his early twenties at that time. He joined the Punjab and East Punjab States Union (PEPSU) Health Services. This region later came to be known as Punjab.

On bifurcation of Punjab, my father opted for Haryana and joined the Haryana government. Family income resources were low and we had no support from the village, as our land holding was very small. Most of the land holding was in the hands of my uncles. In the name of crop share, our family used to get 4-5 kgs of Desi Ghee whenever, in a year or two someone from the village visited us or my father went to the village.

I was born in Patiala in 1955. In the year 1959 we came to the new upcoming city of Chandigarh, on transfer of my father. We lived in the village of Mohali for a few months before we got a government accommodation consisting of one room. In the name of kitchen there was one verandah. One Room and kitchen was allotted to some other family.

There was a huge open space at the back of the house where my father used to grow vegetables. Later on we got a full house allotted and shifted to another sector of Chandigarh. I did my studies in two private schools in Chandigarh. I was a topper from 1st to 10th and then always first with two body guards in my graduation.

After my matriculation, I tried for some government, as it was said that if one got good marks in Matric then one could get a good job in a government department. But this turned out to be a myth as only one boy from my class got a government job. Even though he had the lowest marks, his family had good political connections.

I, as most boys of my age at that time, was aware of the poor financial condition of my family. Hence, I was looking for some work and before my results of Matriculation were out, I joined a private school as Maths and Geometrical Drawing teacher.

My first wage was only Rs. 40, a grand Rs. 5 more than a trained J.B.T. teacher. I taught for 4 years. Later on I earned money by typing out pages on a per page basis. Of course this was temporary. Subsequently I joined as a salesman in the shop of a friend of my father. I worked there for nearly for two years.

In the meanwhile I continued my studies, first two years of Graduation through Correspondence Courses, and BA II and III from Punjab University Evening College.

Later on when I was in Faridabad I tried to do MA Economics from Himachal Pradesh University Correspondence but left it after first year. I was determined to get a good degree and so I studied for a Diploma in Marketing from Institute of Marketing & Management, New Delhi. Then I did My L.L.B. from Meerut University.

In August 1977, I landed my fist job in the AFHQ, New Delhi, as a Lower Division Clerk (LDC). I stayed with AFHQ for 4 years. Next I joined Law Ministry but worked there for only few months. I then switched jobs to join Oriental Fire and General Insurance Company and worked there only for one and a half months.

In October 1980, I joined the Central Excise and Customs Department as Inspector at Chandigarh. In the year 1982, I applied for Civil Services Exam and chose Sociology as elective subject and just one week before the Preliminary Exam bought the book and as a miracle cleared the prelims. In the Mains I chose Sociology and Political Science as my elective subjects. Sociology was new for me as I had graduated with Political Science and Economics. But Economics was considered a tough subject and Sociology was a very hot subject in those days for Civils.

But God has his own plans for everyone and so there was one for me too and I failed in Civil Services Exams.

But I live a full life with my family, and early difficulties and failures have no relation with my happiness index in my life today.


Very lucid language used to describe a nice life story. The last sentence did the best job. Enjoyed every bit.

Your development mirrors the development of India! I am sure your children are getting ahead in their lives.

Sir, very inspiring story full of struggle and achievements. Through your hard work and high aim you have step by step climbed the ladder of success. Failing at one point not matters. What matters is trying or making effort to achieve the goal. James Cameron has said - “If you set your goals ridiculously high and it’s a failure, you will fail above everyone else’s success.”

An awe inspiring success story from scratches to the real king. Now I can understand why you are so strong and caring as you have been through so many difficult times in your life but always came out with flying colours. Hats off to you as you have been an inspiration to many like me. I pray to god that you achieve even bigger heights and continue to be an inspiration being master of so many traits

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