Free 'Verse Order' Up

Aditya Mathur

  Aditya Mathur is a student of class 5 and lives in the San Francisco  Bay Area , California .Aditya is a voracious reader. He's already finished reading all Harry Potter stories and is onto other authors.

Aditya enjoys playing Baseball and Cricket . His favourite past-time is playing Minecraft video game and chatting with his friends on Discord while doing so. 

      Aditya Free Verse : Order Up 

                                                     Aditya goes in search of the Virus 

Virus caught 

                                                                  Aditya responds 


Aditya in a cross mood with a Patch

                   Order up

Pots and pans bang 

Sixzzling up till its right 

Chop chop the parsely , with the knife 

Qiuickly marinate the chicken before its too late 

Saute the veggies and put them on the plate 

Put the parsely on the chicken 

Sprinkle the salt on Drizzle on the sauce 

Finally my dish is ready 

Time to present to the judge

He takes a bite as I wait

There is long pause of silence 

The judge stood up

and called me with a wave of his hand 

He took something out of his pocket 

And gave me a sharp shiny 'Mezzaluna"

He says this one shines as bright as you . 


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