My Siblings and I

Harsh Mathur


Harsh Mathur is student of Class VII  at Apeejay School Noida . Harsh is fond of cooking and studying maths.. 

His siblings are his motivators and they have great bonding, he feels protected in family background . 



I have two siblings , one sister and one brother. My brother's name is Aayush who is 16 years old and my sister’s name is Anika who is 19 years old. 

Both my brother and my sister are the best motivation to me. They encourage me to do better for my bright future .

 I know , I can always count on all my brother and sisters. Even later on they will all support me and we will not drift apart. I enjoy the company of both. I feel much protected when they are around me. 

Harsh with siblings Ayush and Anika 

My sister is a very good teacher and she teaches me maths every day.

We cook dishes together, it's too much of fun ! On the other hand my brother and me are partners in playing different games.All three of us like to play cricket and tennis.  

We like to do skipping together , 

I thank God for giving me such beautiful to love and caring brother and sister. 


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