The Toy that came to Life

Abir Ramchandani

 Abir is  7 years old and is a class 2 student. He has varied interests and loves to explore and learn new things. Abir enjoys playing tennis, cricket, violin and solving math puzzles. He is a keen reader and at the time of writing this story, he was reading Roald Dahl, David Walliams and Enid Blyton which piqued his imagination to come up with this creative concoction! He wrote the story on a paper which his mom typed for this publication. 

The toy that come to life

When I climbed up my sturdy, beautifully designed bunk-bed, I heard a squeal at the very top. I went to check but nothing moved! I listened out for any other sound but simply I heard nothing. Remembering carefully I put a camera near toys and bingo!

Authors  of  Choice for Abir

When I watch the clip, the squeals came from teddy. The next day I said “hello Teddy”. Teddy said “let’s go to the park” so we did. We played hide and seek, tag and football. “It’s so fun” Teddy said!

The next day he didn’t reply! I told my Mum but she said “fake fake fake fake”. I got angry, I stomped back to my room and tried magic spells from my magic book but nothing worked. I cried and cried, tears fell on Teddy. Suddenly he came back to life! We played every single day and had so much fun!

Shh! It’s a closed guarded secret that no one knows except for you Miss Finlayson. Please guard it like it’s a crown jewel.


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