My favourite teacher, Mr. Anil Sharma

Aashi Chaudhary

Aashi Chaudhary is a Class XI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

A good teacher is like a candle, it consumes itself to light the way for others. A saying that is dedicated to all the teachers around the globe as they are the one who create rulers, life savers and above all make their students a successful being who steps into the school with tears and moves out with tears but at that time is ready to face the world outside. The wet mud is molded to a statue by a sculptor who is called a teacher. Fourteen years of school spent by a student under the guidance of a teacher are the most precious years of one’s life because these years teach everything step by step and the leader is the teacher.

Everybody has their favorite teacher, so have I. My favorite teacher is Mr. Anil Sharma who is not less than a problem solver. He is the person who never said no to anything. Even if I ask a same thing a hundred times, he is ready to explain that very thing a hundred times to me and that’s what makes him special for his students. He is lucky charm whose good luck wish is not that makes the luck good but it gives me strength to stand on what he said. It is very well said that for the world a teacher is a teacher but for his students he is a super hero and this is he what means for me. I never returned back without a solution from him. He taught me how to be strong when time is really tough. He taught me to never give up till the end. Even when I have tears rolling down on my face he is the one to say with a smile, everything will be fine and these four words are all what I need when I am sad. I never found any of his lectures a boring one. He might have scolded me many a times but I know he scolds as he expects me to shine brighter.

The modern world wants everything digital. But teachers can never be replaced by any technology because computers can teach chapter of books but chapters of life are only taught by the teachers. A computer will never put into the students that much needed sparks that let an ordinary being dream for some extra ordinary. It is only a teacher’s encouragement and guidelines that make a student feel that he is ready for tomorrow’s challenges. Teaching is the profession that creates all other professionals and that is why a teacher is respected the most. Respect the teacher as he is experienced and that he has learnt a lesson from his experience. So welcome all advices from the teachers. This is my gratitude to my favorite teacher through words. Thanking a lot for reading it.

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