The teacher I love, Mrs. Rashmi Saxena

Himanshi Sharma

Himanshi Sharma is a Class VI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

I have heard from my seniors and my classmates and I suppose I might hear from my other school mates in the future that science is a tough subject along with Mathematics. I, for one, love science subject because I love science, I love all science teachers.

However, I love Mrs. Rashmi Saxena more than the other teachers for she stands heads and shoulders above the other. The way she teaches and the knowledge of the subject she has is just mind blowing. Besides the day to day examples she instills in us is awesome. How close science is to us the sheer awareness that she has brought into us, especially in me regarding. Science is very very encouraging and appreciable. Mrs. Saxena's level of teaching to a 6th grader is terrific. Her vocabulary is also great that she conics to the level of us and our understanding that I .just love her., she also is a well dressed person. Her dressing sense also leaves one in admiration. Mrs. Saxena makes it a point, in her class, that every one of us understands what she teaches in the class. To achieve this goal she uses different methods.

I just love to be her student and I love to imitate every aspect there in my life and I want to excel in my scientific search.

Himanshi Sharma, VI A, St. Xaviers, Behror

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