My favourite teacher, Mrs. Rajni Jain

Vikas Singh Chauhan

Vikas Singh Chauhan is a Class XI student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

The teacher who teaches you your favourite subject automatically become your favourite. Isn’t it? Same is the case with me too. Whatever the reason is my English teacher – Mrs. Rajni Jain is my favourite.

Coming to her qualities, the foremost thing is her attitude towards life. She is a practical person and doesn’t believes in tomorrow. She says “Tomorrow never comes.” And of course! It is very true. No one knows how the coming day looks like or it would come or not. She looks quite strict from outside but I know how beautiful heart she has.

I am no one to judge her teaching skills. I can only admire them as well as her. She is a fluent speaker and has a vast vocabulary and I can proudly say that she is the person because of whom my vocabulary has been enhanced. While she teaches, the students are sure to get many things beyond the syllabus.

There is an endless list of her qualities. But one thing I cannot forget to mention is, that she is the one who has created my interest in literature and helped me in improving my grammar. I would love to have a teacher like her all through my life.

May God bless her and accompany her in the journey of her life.

Happy Teacher’s Day, Mam!

Vikas Singh Chauhan, XI B, St. Xaviers, Behror

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