Personality Development via Kanowldge Base.

Subhash Mathur

Personality Development  via Knowledge Base.

We all know the meaning of personality development. but rarely we misunderstand the concept .

We assume wearing good clothes or expensive shoes is good personality.

We will discuss what’s personality development for civil services as we go along but in one word it means gathering Knowledge.

Not from books related to preparations for CSE  or from your school/college text books.

Then what's the meaning of the word Knowledge Base.

Knowledge Base  means adding Knowledge in your mind, heart, and soul EXPONENTIALLY.

And here's the game plan to do just that.

How to widen your horizon?.

Simple by expansion of Knowledge Base for Civil Services

The earlier You begin wider the Base.

It’s like the Take Off stage in the Economy.

Begin by reading three newspapers daily  

HT or TOI for news content generally

Indian Express from Editorial page onwards. Read all signed articles from editorial page onwards including the Editorials

Economic Times at least three times a week. Use the articles to update your notes on various eco issues.

Economics is at the core of social and growth issues.

Magazines like Yojana India etc for checking out govt schemes.

Read all govt schemes from social angles – how they impact the individuals and the society.

Start reading NCERT books from 6th onwards to revive your school learning.

Do three readings ,

First reading should be general reading but flag the important topics as per your judgement

Second reading for flagging important topic for note making .

Third reading for making notes and fully understanding the issues.

If possible discuss the current issues with a friend or a mentor or another aspirant like you.

Read up some works of classic authors like Shakespeare Dickens Hardy and others.

Read up many modern authors like Ludlum, Grisham Sheldon Archer and so on.

Both are essential to develop good writing and very useful in the Interview.

[Yes. Hobbies and Interests are an essential component for your Interview preparations]

Start writing one précis of the first editorial of Indian Express every Friday every week.

Write one essay from the previous year’s CSE papers every fortnight.

Benefits of writing Précis every week

1 improves your comprehension

2 increases your vocabulary

3 trains you to write in your own words

4 trains you to write succinctly.

Benefits of writing Essay 

1] it increases your ability to think and write

2] trains you for answering long questions in Mains

3] increases your abilities to write fluently on many topics and issues

Get both of them evaluated by a teacher or a mentor.

Start building up your body for strength both mental and physical, and stamina.

Exercise for one hour daily by running or jogging or in the Gym.

Combine physical exercises with daily Pranayam and Meditation.

Start conversing in English as much as you can( if your chosen language is English]

Grooming self for the job - smart turnout, always smiling and ethical behavior.

Give up use of  tobacco completely.

Moderate your intake of alcohol gradually in case you consume alcohol.

Decrease your social media presence substantially .

Say bye bye to your friends gradually.

Feel happy and look forward to be being a civil servant but don’t become haughty or arrogant.

Be humble at all times.


for any queries contact me on #subhmat

Happy reading

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