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Rajesh Bhargava

 At 62 years I don't want to be a passe, and neither I want to be on fire. Life is gradually taking me towards a life away from the mire of worldly manipulations and letting me go soft. I'm Rajesh Bhargava, having worked with Times of India, subsequently running my own magazine titled Glitter & Guts, and now gradually seeping into retirement. It's fun! I do have an advertising agency which I have left on to my son to run the handle. Creativity does not get out of you but, there's a time to leave things for the younger generations. I believe in that!

                                             FATHER-SON SHINE

No father is perfect and no son is either. In this scenario of imperfection, the relationship angle between father and son becomes a key factor in bringing harmony to the home.

The biggest game-changer is how the son or ward reciprocates to the father's experience and versatility in handling the world. Pampering is of course necessary but, equally important is to save the child from a direction he's seeking which may ruin his career due to inexperience.

There is a hoard of other factors tagged to the offsprings that require deft handling. The child who sees goodness in frugal things may not benefit the family. Hence direction-seeking doses to the child can pull him off the doses he gets used to amplifying his stature.


Exceptions to the rule are there of wards giving immense pride but, generally the standoff in the present times is substantial.

                                          OH SUCKS!

If you comply with the diktats pronto you have made your day. Dilly dallying is a big offense to your own self and everyone around.

The very gist of the program crashes midway leading to disgust and a paranoid feeling. This is more evident in kids who try to either pass the buck or simply try to forget that they had an errand to be fulfilled. Those who are smart in their ways make it to the top and those who aren't put matters in limbo and themselves in dire straits! No technology can go fast unless you do!!


Language is excellent.

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