A tribute to my English teacher, Mrs. Paul

Sunita Mathur

Sunita Mathur did her schooling from Fatima Convent, Kanpur. She taught English and Social Sciences to students of middle level from 6th to 8th standards from 1986 to 2008. She has two children, one son and one daughter, both of whom are married. She lives in Jaipur with her husband, Arun.

Mrs. Paul, my English teacher in a convent school, was a very attractive and fascinating personality. As soon as she used to enter the classroom, she captured the attention of all the students with a welcome smile on their faces and used to listen to her lectures attentively. She used to appreciate and welcome everyone's suggestions and used to modify them by her teaching methods.

We used to make lots of mistakes but she never got annoyed; instead lovingly and patiently guided us.

I was so much impressed by her personality and ways of teaching that I decided to become a teacher after completing my studies in future.

I'll always be grateful to Mrs. Paul for her support keeping my hope and commitment alive, at the same time preparing one for tomorrow's challenges. She'll always be my mentor, my guide, my source of inspiration and a great friend.

Teachers are like sketchpens, they highlight our good points and paint our future bright by counseling us, by bringing out our talents and making us aware of them. They actually prove a path for us to tread upon with confidence.

In this manner, no doubt they help us to initiate, form and mould our talents into shape. I may not be wrong in saying "Teachers are true friends, philosophers and guide — all in one personality."

It is truly said a teacher is a very

T — talented

E — Elegant

A — Awesome

C — Charming

H — Helpful

E — Efficient

R — Receptive


It's truly said:







Tasme Sri

Gurve namah!

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