Life's lessons from Ms. Neelima Srivastav, Ms. Seema Tiwari and my grandmother

Jiyan Roytalukdar

Jiyan Roytalukdar is a Class VII student at Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur.

Many who have scolded us time and again, many who have been friendly, many of whom we have been scared of, many who have regaled us with interesting anecdotes, others who have tended us during our first heartbreaks and some who have encouraged us to stand right up and move on despite our failures. Each in their own way has taught me some invaluable lessons.

I remember my Class I teacher Neelima Srivastav, who despite being from Uttar Pradesh, could converse with me in Bangla. I took an immediate liking to her because of her affinity with our state as she had grown up in Kolkata.

She was nice and warm but what made her special was she gave me the first opportunity to be in the limelight—on stage —under the big arc light. That in itself felt magical. It boosted my confidence, made me want to pursue public speaking. In fact it opened up a whole new world before me. She taught me to deliver dialogues with an élan, be forceful and overcome the initial jitters on stage. Stage fright is a thing of past for me.

It all started with a simple story telling session but Neelima Ma’m made me realize that I have a passion for being up on stage before scores of eyes, without batting an eyelid myself.

Neelima Ma’m will always remain dear to me. I have left that school yet I remember her whenever I get on to the stage every time. Thank You Neelima Ma’m

In my new school, Ma’m Seema Tiwari is my favourite teacher. Somebody who made feel me easy, comfortable and inclusive in the new class, surrounded by all unknown students. She never made me feel I was an outsider or that I needed to gel with the new school culture. She gently prodded me on and I was soon part of the new class.

Jiyan Roytalukdar attends Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Vidyalaya, Jaipur.

Apart from my teachers, my grandmother has been one of my greatest teachers. Old yet confident, she has taught me not to be dependent on anybody till the time “you can do it yourself.” One may have problems but the best way to deal with it is to solve it yourself, without bothering others initially. These are qualities I hope I imbibe as well as my grandma.

My father is another of my greatest inspirations, rather my life’s greatest teacher. He is somebody whom I look up to, who has taught me that no matter which ever school you go to, it is always your innate ability to pursue something with a single-minded devotion that can ensure you should always dream big and make it happen.

Life is uncertain but life's lessons are not. All courtesy my teachers.

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