Where there is a Will there is a Way

Avinash Gaur

Avinash Gaur passed out from St. Xaviers, Jaipur in 1961. He graduated in Chemical Engineering from Banaras Hindu University in 1967 and completed his post graduation in the same subject from University of Washington, Seattle, USA in 1970. After 37 years of service in private industry, Avinash retired as Whole Time Director in 2004.

Accidents do happen in life. They affect us emotionally, physically, psychologically and financially. However, if handled with empathy by those around, such difficulties can be minimised or overcome.

There were a couple of incidents that occurred to employees around me.

The first one was early in my professional career. We used to travel to and fro to our workplace by the company bus.

One day while travelling to work one rashly driven truck brushed the side of our bus. One senior electrical engineer was sitting near the window on that side. Unfortunately he had his right hand sticking out.

Before we could realise what had happened we were mortified to see the poor guy’s hand dangling from above the elbow.

We rushed him to the hospital and he was provided the best treatment available. Inspite of trying their best the doctors could not reconnect the severed nerves. Hence, he could not do any work with his right hand.

Bravely, he resumed his duty and tried to carry out his duties to the best of his abilities..

However, the Works Manager thought otherwise. He decided to give him the pink slip. It hurt me very badly but I could not do anything to save his job as I was junior in the hierarchy. Nonetheless it left a deep scar.

Number of years later a similar incident took place. I was then fairly senior in the organisation. A supervisor, from the shop floor, was returning home on his scooter. An auto rickshaw banged straight into his vehicle.

The accident resulted in his right leg being amputated from above the knee.

The supervisor was from my Department. I was carrying the scar from my earlier experience. Therefore, I decided that, I would take action to ensure so that he would not be relieved of his duties. The supervisor could no longer perform the physical activities of the shop floor. I then decided to transfer him to a desk job and change the nature of duties. He was provided the necessary training to carry out his new assignment.

It was heartening to see his son graduate from an engineering college. As he could retain his job he could see his daughter married off without financial constraints. She also got a teaching assignment in a leading college of the city.

He has since retired from the company and living happily.

"If you cannot give anything to anyone, at least don't give them a lack of empathy to their situation." - Anita Nahal



Its great to see senior managers keep in mind the hardships faced by those below them...


It is very difficult to find persons like you these days of rat race.

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