Award for Bravery - Courage is My Destiny

Dinesh Chandra Misra

Dinesh Chandra Misra was born at Lucknow (U.P.). He passed the Intermediate exam from U.P. Board in 1970.Thereafter, due to transfer of his father from Lucknow to Bikaner Rly Div, Dinesh completed B.Sc. & M.A. (Economics) at Dungar College, Bikaner, affiliated to University of Rajasthan. Dinesh played Hockey at the state level and indulged in many outdoor activities to keep himself fit.

Subsequently, Dinesh joined Customs & Central Excise as Inspector in 1976 at Jodhpur. During his in-service period Dinesh served at Delhi Airport, NCB, CBN, Municipal Corporation, Delhi (on deputation), CEIB and lastly again at IGI Airport, Delhi from where he superannuated in 2014 as Addl. Commissioner.

Dinesh is a regular blood donor at Armed Forces Transfusion Clinic at Delhi Cantt and Red Cross, Delhi.Post retirement Dinesh has been keeping himself fit with regular morning walk and Pranayam.

Dinesh is a keen observer of current events. Reading newspapers and following sports events is a regular menu on his routine.Dinesh represented the Dept in Hockey in North Zone and All India Revenue sports competitions.He has been blessed with two sons. Post retirement Dinesh lives at New Delhi with his wife Madhu who is an expert cook of Veg dishes.

On this important day I was on deputation with Narcotics Control Bureau at Delhi.

Narrow Street of Old Delhi
Narrow lane in Old Delhi

On 12-07-1990, I had gone to Patiala House Court, to give my evidence as a prosecution witness in a case of one drug offender directly from home. After tendering my evidence, I reached my office around noon.  I saw that my colleagues were getting ready for search and seizure operation, in pursuance of one information from an informer. the information related to heroin being stored in house old Delhi by one Pak national staying there.

The target house was a double story old house located in a narrow gali [lane]  behind Golecha cinema,  Dariyaganj, Old Delhi. It was the last house on the left side of a gali hardly 6 or 7 feet broad.

Our team was consisting of 6 or 7 IOs

(Intelligence Officers), 2-3 sepoys, and the jeep driver.  The team was, headed by Mr. Mahendra Singh, Asstt. Director (who subsequently retired as Member, CBEC).

After reaching the target house, we found that the main wooden door was bolted from inside. From the narrow gaps of the door, I peeped inside & saw there were 1-2 male persons in that house.  We knocked hard but none came to open the door sensing trouble.

Golcha Cinema
Golcha Cinema

 One old lady, living in a neighboring house, perhaps a presswali ironing clothes opposite this house.  I requested her to let me enter her house (after showing my identity ). I wanted to climb from the roof of her house and onto the roof of the target house. This would give me access to the target house.

Stairs leading to Roof

That lady flatly refused me telling me that only her daughter-in-law was inside and she could not allow any male to enter the house

I brushed aside her protestations and strode into her house. And made my way to the roof by climbing stairs to the roof. 

While climbing stairs I noticed a man in the target house was also climbing to reach his roof. Within no time, I reached the roof of the lady's house and found that an old wooden ladder was placed horizontally on the 7-8 feet common wall of the lady's house and the target house.

Using that ladder cautiously I reached on the top of that 6" wide wall. From the security angle, broken glass pieces & sharp nails pointing upwards were fixed on the full length of the common wall. At that stage, I could see a man from the target house was also about to reach his roof. He was wearing a vest (Sandoz white banyaan) and lungi which was used by him to hold onto something.

I jumped from the wall to catch that man on his roof. The man sensing trouble dropped the packages from his lungi on the roof and tried to run away by using the roof of a house just behind his house

After landing on the roof of the target house I was hurt and couldn't get up due to injury. Actually, one of the security nails entered the sole of my right shoe piercing the bottom of the foot. Blood was beginning to ooze out.

That injury didn't let me stand and helplessly I saw the man fleeing from his house. Somehow, I gathered little courage and strength to reach near the stairs, leading to the lower floors of the house where I saw another man from the target house reaching his roof. I grappled with him in typical Bollywood filmy style. Meanwhile one of my colleagues also reached the roof of the target house following me.

I told him to go downwards and open the house's entry door so that all other colleagues may also come inside. I kept on holding the 2nd man tightly till he was ultimately overpowered by our team members. Very soon a big crowd from the neighboring houses (tamashbeens) assembled outside the target house.

The area police SHO too reached the spot and requested us to let police associate in the case to save their skin from their bosses. Thus, we could recover and   seize approx 4 Kgs. of heroin valued at Rs.4.05 crores and arrested one person.

Subsequently, via an X-ray, I was diagnosed   with multiple fracture of my right heel resulting in plaster on my right foot toe up to just below the knee.

I rested at home for more than 4 months before   I recovered fully and resumed duties office in Dec. 1990.

DG NCB recommended my case to the Central Board of Excise & Customs for grant of Presidential Award (Risk to life).

Appreciation Certificate
Certificate of Appreciation awarded to Shri D. C. Misra for exceptionally meritorious service rendered where he has shown exemplary courage and dedication to duty at the risk of his life.

On 1991 Republic Day I was awarded the highest award of our service "PRESIDENTIAL AWARD -RISK TO LIFE" which was handed over by the then FM Shri Manmohan Singh Ji.

Award Ceremony
Shri Dinesh Chandra Misra receiving highest award of Indian Customs and Central Excise Service "PRESIDENTIAL AWARD-RISK TO LIFE" which was handed over by the then FM Shri Manmohan Singh Ji on Republic Day, 26th January 1991 

This is the true story of my One Day in Office.



Dear Dinesh, although I knew every word of this story as you narrated it to me just after this incident took place but it was very nice to read it here. I am proud of you being your close friend. You were a fighter, still you are a fighter and I can guarantee that you will always remain a fighter in your life.

Dear Mahendra,thanks a lot again for your kind words appreciating my adventure.

Many people think that all civil servants lead a cushy life, pushing papers. And some do. However, you have proved that some officers are true to their cause. A big salute to you, sir!

Thankyou very much Mr.Mathur for your highly encouraging comments.

Shri D C Mishra is an officer who is still remembered in the Department for his courage and bravery. We are all proud of him and believe that he continues to inspire all of us .
Personally I hold him as a friend with whom I interacted often while he was in Service.
He remained a pleasant personality.

Respected sir,thankyou very much for your highly encouraging words.I have very beautiful memories of our NCB case of 200+kgs.of hashish detected at JODHPUR while you were posted at customs JODHPUR.Thereafter when you used to see me at IGIAwhile you used to land from Jaipur in 2008-09.🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏.

A great, Inspiring Personal story !

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