Mrs. Leena Mehta, Social Studies teacher

Harshita Agarwal

Harshita Agarwal is a Class VII student at Maharani Gayatri Devi Girls' School, Jaipur. This is about her favourite teacher, Mrs. Leena Mehta, who teaches Social Studies.

Teachers are a way to success, kindness and most of all a perfect future. My Social Studies and class teacher Mrs. Leena Mehta♡♥♡ is a teacher like that. She is the best subject teacher and class teacher I ever got. More than a teacher, she is a mentor and a good friend. How she teaches is the best, what she teaches is always fixed in our mind and she never misguides us.

She is like a friend but a little bit strict but that's how a teacher should be. She was our Social Studies teacher in class VI also and now in class VII she is our Social Studies and class teacher. We find ourselves very lucky to have such a good class teacher.

I want her to be my class teacher till class XII. I wish that I could have the same classmates and everything should be same as it is now.

At the end, I would like to say that Mrs. Leena Mehta is the best teacher ever and if there would be a contest of world's best teacher, she would definitely win that.

— Harshita Agarwal, VII B, M.G.D Girls' School


Lucky to have this kind of teacher!! Me too! Applaudable work

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