The Mystery Ball and other poems

Saksham Mathur

Saksham Mathur, age 12, is a student of class VI at Anand Niketan International School, Ahmedabad. He is deeply interested in science and its mysteries.

Saksham loves outings to exotic places. He is very fond of playing cricket and table tennis. In his free time, Saksham likes to dabble in creativity and finer arts. He also enjoys speaking from public platforms.


  1. My Parents
  2. Not a drop of blood
  3. The creepy old witch
  4. The Mystery Ball

My Parents

Have you ever met my mother?
She's better than any other.

Have you ever met my dad?
He's quite a talented lad.

Did you know they are amazing cooks?
My mouth starts watering when I see how the food looks.

Have you seen them pillow fighting?
You can trust me it's very exciting.

My parents are advocates by profession,
Wearing coats over there is a compulsion.

My parents work all day and night,
They always know what's wrong and right.

My parents are the best of them all,
Because they get me Lego sets from the mall.

They have all the qualities a person should possess,
Like wisdom, love and kindness.

I thank them for their being always there for me
Today is their anniversary,
They are the best parents, as you can see.

Not a drop of blood

Shylock was an evil Jew,
Cruelty was all he knew,
For his money lending he was famous,
But second to his greatest rival, he was jealous.

Antonio was his rival’s name,
Who was kinder, and had more fame.
Shylock planned to take his life,
To become the greatest money lender alive.

When Antonio sought out Shylock’s help,
A bond he made him sign,
If couldn’t return the money
A pound of flesh was the fine.

Alas, the money he could not return,
Shylock, ready to make his kill,
But Balthazar with his argument said
Not a drop of Antonio’s blood could be spilled.

Shylock’s plan thus backfired,
While Balthazar was admired,
Shylock paid for his treachery
And it all ended well eventually.

The creepy old witch

The creepy old witch,
Whom I met last night,
Looked very scary,
She gave me a fright.

Her eyes glowed in the dark,
Her face was full of scars.
She wasn't in a good mood,
She wanted to have food.

She wanted to eat me,
Of course I started to flee.
She used her magical speed,
And accidentally went ahead of me.

I needed to destroy her,
Otherwise it was ‘game over’.
Then I noticed something interesting,
She found my torch unsettling!

And then I realized,
That her weakness was light.
So I lit my torch,
And her skin began to scorch,
Until she was nothing but a heap of ash,
And then towards my house I began to dash!

The Mystery Ball

When I played cricket with my grandfather,
he used to bowl me the mystery ball.
I always wondered how to hit it,
when he used to bowl it across the hall.

One day I caught the naughty trick,
All I had to do was wait for the ball and then hit.
I hit the ball. It went for four.
Then I wanted to play more and more.

In my moment of glory, I broke a chair,
And Mom gave me an angry stare.
From that day I didn't play cricket in the house anymore,
And now Mom is happier than before!

(Written at age 8, in 2014)


It's such a wonder
To see a mere child younger
Than boys reading primary rhymer
Pen down these poems of love & wisdom
Of parents, witches & grandpa handsome
Puns, idioms, imagery galore
Long live boy, you are already Mature !

Beautiful poems. You have the flare. You are going to be a great poet. May God bless you.

Great ones. You sure write your heart. HLKiA

Very endearing ! Its in the genes...keep writing Saksham

Not a drop of blood is a good poem. Old school story telling via lyrics.

I want their food too!

होनहार बिरवान के होत चीकने पात।
Coming events cast their shadow before.
आप बड़े लेखक बनेंगे।
Vivek Shrivastava Jaipur

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