My learning, my murals


Vatsala Rao was born in Visakhapatnam and brought up in Sindhri, Bihar (now Jharkhand). A brilliant student all through her academic career, Vatsala always stood first in her exams. She completed her Honors in Physics from Ranchi Women’s College.

Due to the untimely death of her father she had to move to Mumbai in 1981. She married Shri Prakash Rao in 1983.

Vatsala is presently living at Jaipur with her husband. She is fond of reading books, especially Agatha Christie and P. G. Wodehouse.

A homemaker, I have continuously accompanied my husband on all his postings. On reaching Kozhikode in 2012, I was very impressed by the temple mural paintings of Kerala. Being a keen painter from childhood, I decided to pursue this rare form of art.

I joined the renowned S. K. Pottekkatt Cultural Centre, Kozhikode to learn the art of mural paintings. My journey finally culminated with an exhibition of my paintings along with other emerging artists at Lalit Kala Academy, Kozhikode.

I was encouraged and mentored by Shri Francis Kodankandath, Supdt. (now Asst. Commissioner) in my learning the new art. Francis is a recipient of awards from National Academy and Kerala Lalit Kala Academy.

Kerala mural paintings are the frescoes depicting Hindu mythology and legends, which are drawn on the walls of temples and churches in South India, principally in Kerala. These paintings generally depict Hindu deities seen in different postures. All my paintings are acrylic color on canvas, generally in size over 24” x 24”.

Ganesha, the Vighnaharta. Acrylic painting by Vatsala Rao

Ganesha, the Vighnaharta. This was the first painting taught at the SK Pottekkatt Cultural Centre, Kozhikode as in Hindu tradition obeisance is paid to Lord Ganesha before the start of any new work.

Lord Shiva sitting in a playful mood with his ganas. Acrylic painting by Vatsala Rao

Lord Shiva sitting in a playful mood with his ganas.

Lord Ganesha riding his vaahana, the mouse. Acrylic painting by Vatsala Rao

Lord Ganesha riding his vaahana, the mouse.

Lord Ganesha on throne blessing his devotees. Acrylic painting by Vatsala Rao

Lord Ganesha on throne blessing his devotees.

A yakshani being worshipped. Acrylic painting by Vatsala Rao

A ‘yakshani’ being worshipped.


Wonderful. Beat wishes for her future efforts.

Thanks You for your kind wishes.

All paintings are Fabulous 👏👏👏👏👏

Thank you. Your appreciation will encourage me in my future efforts. I am reachable on email

Nice paintings. I am surprised with all these art works done by you. My best wishes for your future arts.

Thank you. n I actually learnt this art when my husband was posted in Kozhikode in 2012-14. I did not know this when we were in Jodhpur

Amazing !!!

Thnak you, Vinayak. Take care

Your enthusiasm, dedication and achievement are really inspiring, everybody wants success but it is achieved only by the one's who make a true approach to get it, we are proud of you madam, keep going........
Please accept our congratulations for the above marvelous paintings.

Thank You. It was with help from you, Naveen & Francis that I could learn this art. My regards to your wife.

Very beautifully done. Real art..wish to see many more from you in future.

I have never seen such fine art and finishing .its beautiful..very inspiring...wonderful share.

Thanks. I am really happy to be appreciated. Looking forward to see you soon

Wonderful Paintings. Awesome.

Thank You bhai sahab. Please take care

Beautiful paintings !

Thank You bhabhi ji

Nice art work. All d best.

thank you very much

Such amazing paintings. What a combination of colors. Vibrant. Kudos to you Bhabhi. Just shows age is no barrier to learn new things if one has the dedication. Keep up!

Thank you very much. If you remember it was Dilip bhai sahab who had first many years ago encouraged me to take up painting.

Wonderful. Super.

Thank you. My regards to your family

Beautiful art work! The attention to intrinsic details are truly impressive!

Thank you beta. Trust all is well in England. Please take care.

Keep up the good work

Thank you Usha. My husband tell me that you also draw very well. Love to see a painting by you also

Amazing paintings....just awesome 🙂🙂🙂👍👍👍👍👍

thank you, beta

.Nice painting. Specially colour combination are wonderful. Please continue with more painty.

Thank You bhai sahab. I have heard so much about you from my hisband,Hope to meet you whenever you come to Jaipur next

The paintings are beautiful and bring to life rich heritage of our tradition. The intricate details and colours require immense patience and concentration. These are masterpieces. Kudos to you and may the almighty bless you and support you in your future endeavours

Fabulous paintings u are a inspiration to all the Kannadigas of jaipur congratulations and god bless

Thank you very much for encouragement.

Amazing Vathsala Bhabhi. What a talented artist you are!!! Great work. Thanks for sharing, got an opportunity to see your paintings. Congratulations. Wish to see more such fabulous Murals.

Thank You. Please take care

Very beautiful paintings.

Absolutely gorgeous paintings. Very detailed .

Thank you beta. I am sorry we missed your marriage as I was unwell. Do visit us whenever you come to India. Give my love to Bittu

Esthetic use of colours and imagination..

Thank You.Please take care.

Lovely paintings..flawless and self speaking. Nice to see them even in present days. Great artistic work madam.

Thank you. I have heard so much about you from my husband. Do visit us whenever you come to Jaipur next

Never knew about your hidden talent & creativity.The freco paintings are indeed very professionally done.You must organize an exhibition do that larger audience can benefit. Geartiest congratulations to you & Mr SP Rao the inspiration.After all behind every successful woman there is a Man!

Thank you. I learned this style of painting when we were posted to Kerala.

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