Living with Dogs

Shanti Khathing

Shanti Khathing, a Tangkhul Naga of Manipur, is a homemaker. Shanti is mother of two and a doting grandmother of two grandchildren.After her husband's retirement from the Central government service, John and Shanti have settled on the out skirts of Guwahati, Assam.

Shanti loves traveling. She uses her travels to learn about the new places, their cultures and customs. She is an avid nature lover and loves gardening. Shanti is a dog lover too and has over 10 pet dogs.

Living with Dogs

Last year around this time, I wrote an article on indoor gardening during the pandemic lockdown. This year too, the entire world and country is battling the second wave of the Coronavirus, the pandemic crisis that has changed the way the world operates. It has changed our life style, the way we think and live

To ease the stress, we have to remain positive and keep oneself busy with some hobby or some form of activity, which helps in maintaining a healthy body, mind and spirit.

See My dogs are such cool  guys 


Today I want to share how I keep myself busy and positive. Other than gardening, I also spend a lot of time with my pet dogs. I have over one dozen dogs. If you think about pets there is no denying dogs are the most loveable and faithful.

John and Shanti with their pet dogs
John and I with the pets

The loyalty and warmth of a dog is something that separates them from other animals. A dog’s love is unconditional and they are your best friend. There is a lot of time, money and commitment that one goes into caring for dogs, but they become a beloved part of the family.

And they reciprocate their love with warmth and understanding . the way they nuzzle you and snuggle close to you galddens your heart overwhelmingly. 



The eldest - Argus 


My oldest pet is Argus, who is an Apso breed. We had gone all the way to Kalingpong, which is near Darjeeling. He was one month old when we brought him home. 

On 1st October this year he will be 15 years old .  

We started with 4 pet dog to keep us company – Argus (Apso), Xena (German Shepard), Snoopy (Beagle, a gift from my son) and Princess (cross-breed).

All the dogs we have today are their offspring, running into the 4 th generation.Dogs need space to play and run about, So for those living  in apartments I would advise to keep small breed dogs.


John and I and the  Dogs
in front of our House in Guwahati

With your pet dogs you will never get bored and lonely


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