My Teachers during college days

Chander Sabharwal

Chander Sabharwal, born 1949, attended Delhi Public School, New Delhi. Subsequently he was a student of Economics at Rajasthan University, He studied Law and Management at Delhi University. An expert in agrochemicals, he successfully manages Crop Health Products Ltd., a family business of five decades. Since 1987 he has taught MBA programs at the Institute of Management Technology (IMT) and I.T.S Management &; IT Institute. He is a Director at ISK Biosciences India Pvt. Ltd., a Japanese multi-national company. In the past, he has served as Director at the Oriental Bank of Commerce and other institutions. He is married with two children.

I was a student of B.A. (Hons.) Economics 1965-68 at Rajasthan College, University of Rajasthan. I stayed at Vivekananda hostel. Those were memorable years.

Chander Sabharwal resided at Vivekananda Hostel during his days at Rajasthan College from 1965 to 1968.

Our various teachers such as Prof. Kuldip Mathur, who taught us Public Administration and Mr. Pradeep Kumar, who persuaded me to come to Jaipur from Delhi, stand out as great influencers and friends, and were the beacon of wisdom in my youthful days at the University. Mrs. Kanta Ahuja, who taught us Economics, was a very engaging and intense professor.

Times have changed but it is my view that such committed teachers are rare to find nowadays. They pursued knowledge and took a genuine interest in the welfare of the students. Pradeep was also the hostel warden, and organised many activities like Inter Hostel Youth fests, cricket and sport tournaments, and many social activities.

Group photograph of the students resident at Vivekananda Hostel, Rajasthan College from 1965 to 1966, among them Chander Sabharwal.

The presence of professors like Prof. Raj Krishna (Member, Planning Commission) and Dr. Yoginder Alagh (Vice Chancellor, IGNOU) ensured that the standards of academics were always high. Prof. P. C. Mathur is also well revered.

A wonderful, diversified student community and great teachers made my stay in Jaipur very memorable, meaningful and critical to my future growth. I gladly bend and touch the feet of these great souls, whose shining light guided me through thick and thin, good and bad!


Those were the great days of Raj Univ ... which I did not actually attend, but since my family was involved, I felt like it was part of my life.

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