Stop child labour. Start education.

Anand Dewal

Anand Dewal is a Class XI student at Saloni International Academy, village Chak Charanwas, district Jaipur, Rajasthan. This is a rural, Hindi-medium school about 45 km from Jaipur city.

जय माँ सरस्वती । जय माँ सरस्वती ।

Surya Brahm Shiv Vishnu

Gajanan Jinn Charno Ko Sewate

Hum Shishu Hai Agyani

Mata Inn Charno Ka Pyar De

Maa Saraswati Sharde

Murakh Hum Nahin Jane

Janani Pujan Vandan Dhyan Ko

Adhishakti Kar Kshama Hume

Puja Ke Uddegar De

Maa Saraswati Sharde

Happy Teachers' Day

Guru Re Brahma Guru Re Vishnu

Guru Re Devo Maheshvara

Guru Re Sakshat Param Brahma

Tasme Shree Guru Ve Namah

My name is Anand and I live in a village, sometimes we go for picnic and when we go outside I look around us, there are many kids like me but also different from me. They work at shops, stores and their clothes are not proper. One day I ask them that, you are not going to school oh today is your holiday. That kid said I cannot go to school, I have to work hard otherwie I will punished. After all that I came to home with my family. I cannot stop all this child labour alone. I said all this story to my father. He is also helping these childrens. My father running a school at my village. He admitted many kids in their school to provide them free education. So I request every one who like my page. Please help those kids who cannot study without your help. Please.

Stop child labour. Start education.

Put them in classes. Not in tea glasses.

Yes to quality education. No to child labour.

My best teacher is my parent. Thank you for teaching me everything in life.

—Anand Dewal, Class XI, Saloni International Academy, Chak Charanwas

On the occasion of Teachers' Day by Anand Dewal


A very apt observation!

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