Ode to Ms. Kapadia, my teacher in school

Lakshmi Malhotra

Lakshmi Malhotra studied in Best High School, Ahmedabad from 1975 to 1987 and is an IIM Kozhikode alumni. She is an IT professional and provides technology strategy consulting to clients. Lakshmi is passionate about Indian Handlooms and is keen to drive social change through use of technology. She plans to create an online platform to promote weavers by connecting them to craft lovers across the world. She lives in Gurgoan with her husband, Jitu and son, Vivaan.

I remember my first day at Best Primary School. I was all of 7 years old – and very nervous of going to a new school. My mom dressed me in a beautiful frock and dropped me off. In awe with the new atmosphere and the big building, I entered my class slowly, full of 80 students.

Lakshmi Malhotra attended Best High School, Ahmedabad from 1975 to 1987.

My teacher Mrs. Kapadia gave me a warm smile, hugged me and asked me to sit on the first bench. She then walked up to me and said it was her first day at school as well. That brought a smile to my face: I was in good company. This moment is still clearly etched in my memory even after 40 years. Kapadia teacher became my favourite teacher, she was my role model. I would watch the way she would dress, speak. I used to imitate her.

As I grew up, my dear teacher also started teaching higher classes. The last she taught me was in Class VI - social studies. She ignited the interest in me to know more about history, which is still my hobby. That year I scored the highest in social studies ever.

Shortly after, my mom started teaching in the same school, and Kapadia teacher and Mummy became friends. She would visit our house often. Shy that I was, I would just give her a sheepish smile and peep into the room to watch her while Mummy and she were chatting.

After 30 years, when I had my first-born, Kapadia ma’am came over to see my son Vivaan. When she held him in her arms, I was in tears. Here was my role model blessing my son and at that moment I wished that my son would also get the same privilege as I of having wonderful teachers and mentors.

Thank you, Kapadia teacher!

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