Ms. Carys, a hug and a sketch

Advait Singh

Advait Singh is a 5-year old kindergarten student at British School of Kuwait, Kuwait. This essay about his favourite teacher, Ms. Carys, has been written with assistance from his father, Anshuman Singh.

My best teacher is Ms. Carys. I like her. She’s pretty. Big eyes too. And Nose. She helps me. She makes me smile. I play different games with her. No never angry.

I talk my friends in class, but she smiles only. She tells me lot of things. She gives me many cup cakes and muffins on birthdays. She laughs a lot. She teaches me phonics. And hand writing too.

I love my best teacher!

— Advait Singh, Reception (equivalent to Kindergarten), British School of Kuwait

Advait Singh with Ms. Carys at school
Advait Singh attends kindergarten at the British School of Kuwait

Editor's Note:The sketch below received no assistance from the parents. Clearly, we can spot the next Picasso!

Ms. Carys, a sketch by Advait Singh


Anshuman, Your are a lucky father!

Adi is a gem... Blessed Parents :)

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