A few teachers whom I remember fondly

Rohan Mathew

Rohan Mathew studied at St.Xavier’s Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad. He finished his graduation in Law from Nirma University Ahmedabad. At present he’s engaged in his own business.

I was never a very bright student in my school or in my college; teachers used to hate me because I was never able to study well, not do my homework at home, and pass comments in class. We were always judged in school by the marks we get on the report card. I never scored nicely because the teachers always told me that I have not done well in my studies but never told me how I could have improved. Thus my story with most of the teachers is a bit disappointing.

Rohan Mathew attended St. Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad.

There are very few teachers whom I remember fondly. One of them is my dad, Mr Homer Mathew. He has always taught me to remain positive and cool, no matter how bad the situation may be. He has always understood me and has advised me to improve upon the mistakes I commit in life. A person doesn’t get proper knowledge by how much he has scored in exams or how many books he has read on a variety of subjects, buts he gets knowledgeable by talking to people on varied subjects, it may be anything history, geography, sports or any topic for that matter. The more people you meet in life the more you get to learn. You can listen to his thoughts as well as incorporate your thoughts; this is what I learnt from my favourite teacher — my dad.

Tarun Arora is a law professor at Nirma Academy, Ahmedabad.

There was one Sir at Nirma Academy — his name was Mr. Tarun Arora. I never did well in his class either, but I always enjoyed sitting in his class because he always gave me examples and practical approach to any legal problem in hand. It was so much fun to attend his class on Comparative Constitution and other legal subjects that I studied. He always linked one law to the other, like Contract and Tort, and Comparative Constitution to the Law of Writs, and so gave us a full idea about the subject we were studying.

Mrs. Ingrid de Rozario was an English teacher at St. Xavier's High School, Loyola Hall, Ahmedabad.

I would also like to thank my English teacher, Mrs. Rozario, who made English grammar so much fun, because she always taught us the concept of everything. More than a teacher, she was a counsellor to me. She used to understand her students calmly and then pronounce an opinion on it so that the students get motivated to meet challenges.

Thus I have conveyed my thoughts on a few teachers who affected my life.

A good teacher is a person who always remains positive about whatever input his students give while in conversation. A teacher is a person who not only teaches class but also motivates the student to perform better, appreciate the student when he has done better and also appreciate the student if he has expressed the thought in a short and brief manner. A teacher is a person who always has positive thoughts and who appreciates the thoughts of a student whether it is studies or anything and adds his opinion on thoughts of a student. We have been taught in school and colleges to remember things at exams but a good teacher will always appreciate thoughts of a student where the student has applied his own mind and add upon things supporting his thoughts so as the student may know which aspect he has to improve upon.

Happy Teachers Day!

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