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Saksham Mathur

Saksham Mathur, age 14, is a student of class IX at Anand Niketan International School, Ahmedabad. He is deeply interested in science and its mysteries. 

Saksham loves outings to exotic places. He is very fond of playing cricket , table tennis and guitar. In his free time, Saksham likes to dabble in creativity and finer arts. He also enjoys speaking from public platforms.

My Journey so far

It has been about 3 years since I started playing the guitar. My musical journey began when my mom noticed a poster for guitar lessons while taking a walk in the park. And I’m glad she took notice!

I had always found the guitar to be a cool instrument, so I started taking lessons. The pleasure of creating music has its own magic, and it won me over.

Ever since, playing the guitar has been a roaring passion with me.

and here I go full throttle:

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