Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji's Journey in the Royal House of Jodhpur: a study of old world values.

Devendra Rathore

Born on 1st December 1961, Devendra Rathore completed his schooling in 1980 from St. Xavier's School, Jaipur. He completed his graduation studies from Jodhpur University. Devendra did his management from Jodhpur University. He went on to do his Executive MBA from Indian Institute of Foreign Trade, New Delhi.

His stint with Reliance Industries Ltd. lasted for nine years in the Linear Alkyl Benzene marketing division where he worked as Executive on Special Duty. His last appointment in the corporate world was with an export import company called Petswill where he worked as CEO. His present assignment is running his own company called Antaragya engaged in garment manufacturing and export.

Devender presently lives in Jaipur with his family 


'चार पीढी रा चाकर बीना गाँव रा ठाकर'

The above quote aptly epitomizes the person who was a paragon of virtues like honesty, loyalty, perseverance, bravery, and comradeire in the bygone era of princely India and they were highly valued then, such virtues are seen seldom if ever now and very rightly sacrificed at the altar of unbridled democracy.

His humble journey began in 1892 at the tender age of 13. During the period 1892-1900, he was spotted by Sir Pratap for his hard work and steadfastness and was soon picked up to accompany him to Idar as his staff member.

Th, Jagannath SinghJi of Rashidpura 

Later on he was transferred to look after the rag tag police force of Idar State. During his police tenure he accompanied Sir Pratap on numerous missions but the most notable one was to eliminate a dreaded dacoit who caused a lot of fear and anguish to the simple people of the state, this dacoit was known for carrying on his exploits on camel back but the police force led by Sir Pratap and Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji chased him on horseback and killed him after a hot chase. Later Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji continued to stay on in Idar with Sir Pratap helping him in the affairs of the state while at the same time Jodhpur was ruled by Maharaja Sardar Singh Ji from 1895 - 1911.

Medals from World War 1

The golden era of his service came in the reign of Maharaja Sumer Singh Ji from 1911-1918, during his reign Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji was overall in charge of household and was Maharaja's troubleshooter and go-to man. He accompanied His Highness as his staff officer in World War 1 and helped him establish headquarters at O'Brien near Paris in 1914.

Condescending King George v and Queen Mary sent Christmas greetings to somebody who was so dear and liked by their elder son Prince Edward's friend Maharaja Sumer Singh Ji..

During Sir Pratap's visit to England, Maharaja Sumer Singh Ji died at a young age of 21 and the Maharaja's personal heirlooms were in Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji's custody, notwithstanding great trust in his man, Sir Pratap was in great fear of losing some important jewellery because he somewhere felt avarice would have the better of his confidant, but to his surprise the list of items Sir Pratap produced was not complete and Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji consummated it. Sir Pratap left a citation which was in Marwar archives commending Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji for his enduring loyalty and hardcore honesty heretofore unseen, the punch line was 'there can never be anything more precious than Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji' .

He was presented to the next ruler his grandnephew Maharaja Umaid Singh Ji as something very precious to be nourished and nurtured and not to be trifled with. Maharaja Umaid Singh Ji ascended the throne in 1918 at the age of 15, his long reign led to all round development of Jodhpur and Marwar.

It was personally very enriching for Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji in terms of assets accretion and great influence owing to his highness' munificence but it did not lead to ascendancy in service. During this period he stayed put as toshakhana in charge which entailed duties pertaining to custody of personal jewellery and sartorial assets.

This eventful journey spanning six decades came to culmination in 1950 in the reign of Maharaja Hanwant Singh Ji the last ruler of Jodhpur in the pre-independence era at the ripe age of 71, his not so significant assignment in the last leg was that of guardian of the king's sister who was later married to Gaikwad of Baroda.

The Rajtilak ceremony of H.H.Maharaja Shri Gaj Singhji of Marwar-Jodhpur was performed by Thakur Shri Bhairon Singhji of Bagri by putting tilak on His Highness' forehead with blood drawn from his own thumb.
"Marwar Mubarak Ho! (May Marwar prove propitious to you)" proclaimed Thakur of Bagri after Rajtilak. Upon hearing this, the Maharaja replied, "Bagri Bhadara se inayat" (I grant you Bagri)
Th. Jagannath Singh Ji's relationship with Th. Bhairon Singh Ji of Bagree translated into one of a rakhi brother and a nuptial knot. Rakhi brother of Th. Jagannath Singh Ji's wife and nuptial knot between Th. Jagannath Singh Ji's son and Th. Bhairon Singh Ji's niece.

Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji bid adieu at the age of 97 in 1976. His greatest legacy is his large family which keeps reminding posterity in so many different ways.

Th. Jagannath Singh Ji in the company of Maharaja Umaid Singh Ji of Jodhpur, Maharaja Sawai Man Singh Ji of Jaipur, english officials, staffers and sportsmen from right to left, Th. Jagannath Singh Ji of Rashidpura, Th Dhonkal Singh Ji  Gorau of the pre handicap era fame, Th. Prithvi Singh Ji of Beda, Th. Bahadur Singh Ji of Karansar, Maharaj Akhey Singh Ji of Rawti.

This is the story of Thakur Jagannath Singh Ji of Rashidpura, highlighting his humble beginnings and meteoric rise exemplifying old world values.

As his grandson I am proud to bring his story to YOU .

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