Zanzari Waterfalls: Drive & Dive

Mahendra Rathod

After completing his M.Com., Mahendra Rathod joined the Customs department in 1990 and won promotion to Superintendent in 2002. Having served at various stations in Gujarat, he is currently posted in CGST at Ahmedabad.

Mahendra is an avid explorer of places for wildlife photography, trekking and traveling. Reading, writing and painting are his free time hobbies. He is also heavily into long-distance running, working out at the gym and yoga.

Mahendra is the author of e-book Through My Lens: Wildlife and Tribal Culture published on

Mahendra and Jyotika got married in 1995. Jyotika is a practicing dietician and yoga coach. Their daughter, Rucha, is a civil engineer and a state level table tennis player. Their son, Milind, is a computer engineer and a wushu, taekwondo and kung fu expert. Milind has been a great asset to his father in completing his e-book. His new passion is modelling photography.

Refreshing the mind,
Relieving stress,
Offering tranquillity,
Heightening creativity,
Facilitating adventure,
Easing grief…………

These good feelings came from a memorable trip to Zanzari Waterfalls with friends. Zanzari Waterfall, also spelled as Jhanjhari Waterfall, emerges from Vatrak River situated near Dehgam (nearly 75 km from Ahmedabad).

This wonderful waterfall represents vitality, spirit and enjoyment in the unblemished purity of nature.

It was a motorcycle trip with zero preparation - just a good late evening discussion in the Whatsapp group of "Royal Bikers” to decide when to start riding in the next day. In the month of August, Ahmedabad had experienced good rains. The sky was cloudy, weather was warm and humid and the weekend was at hand. So we decided to drive off to Zanzari Waterfalls.

Mahendra Rathod riding to Zanzari Falls on a motorcycle.

Mahendra Rathod riding to Zanzari Falls on a motorcycle.


Drizzling of rain, different shades of green on the way and the rapport of Royal Riders really made my day. Long rides on a rainy day is perhaps best way to experience the ‘monsoonscape’ at leisure.

The waterfall all is quite far away from the parking place and we had to undertake a trek of around 3 km, to reach the viewing point of the waterfall, which was little bit tiring and adventurous.

The path was rough, mud laden and with river water pits, making it difficult to walk easily. Entire path was filled with boulders and rocks and the going was a bit tricky.

While walking on this wet and slushy trek, one had to be careful of the rocky terrain because one slight mistake and one can slip down on the rocks. A small and shallow stream had to be crossed before getting near the Waterfalls.

Though the way to waterfall was uncomfortable, taking a walk in the rippling water was really a soul refreshing experience. This long walk to the waterfall was perfect for calming the senses, rejuvenating the spirits and a serene retreat.

The option of camel ride is also available, which is one of the main attractions of the waterfall. But we chose to walk.

When we reached the falls, we were in a different world altogether. There was nothing but lush greenery and gushing water and small rocks. Water from the fall cutting through the giant rocks and flowing through the middle of the forest was a sight to behold.

Zanzari Falls

Zanzari Falls


This waterfall is actually a ferocious series of rapids, where fall flat on the grounds. The air was damp and moist. The smell was of spruce trees which surround the waterfall and stream and of the soggy, wet air. The sound of flowing water was all that can be heard.

The water, making its way around, over and through the rocks, makes a beautiful noise. One can relax and sit at the rock shores for a while and enjoy the splashing running clean water.

Milind, Mahendra's son, at Zanzari Falls.

Milind, Mahendra's son, at Zanzari Falls.

It is really a delightful hangout spot and a great place to unwind. If you are in an observant mode and sit quietly in front of a waterfall you will feel enriched and enlightened. The sight, sound, and power of falling water will give you a hidden message. Just let go and relax.

The location is so serene and picturesque that it attracts a lot of tourists who are looking to spend some relaxing time under the shining sun or want to practice their photography skills.

However, one has to be careful of the water, as the force of water can be dangerous and one can get washed away or injure oneself seriously if one was careless. The falls during and immediately after the monsoon are in full flow. During summer they are almost run dry as the river is reduced to a stream.

Before exploring this place do take some dry food, drinking water, umbrella with you, as there are no food cafes or shops around. Local people sell Water, Chhaas, Nimbu Paani and all but its not worth drinking or eating anything.

After we spent ample time to soak in the waterfalls and rocks, it started raining heavily and we reverted back to parking spot and then returned to Ahmedabad. It was an end of our trip, but not the end of my love towards these wonderful waterfalls. The serenity and unspoiled beauty of Zanzari Waterfalls not only took over my mind and soul, but also rejuvenated me entirely. I returned with a wish to visit this scenic natural place again.

Fortunately my wish came true within a short period of time. After few days, I revisited the Zanzari with my family members in a car trip. Again, I had a day filled with joy and adventure with my family amidst the nature. In both the trips, I unfailingly captured the unforgettable moments spent with friends and family in the lap of nature.

Mahendra Rathod with family at Zanzari Falls.

Mahendra Rathod with family at Zanzari Falls.

Mahendra's daughter, Rucha, with cousins at Zanzari Falls.

Mahendra's daughter, Rucha, with cousins at Zanzari Falls.

Tea and snacks after the outing to Zanzari Falls.

Tea and snacks after the outing to Zanzari Falls.


My overall experience for this wonderful place was excellent indeed. It is an ideal place to get away from the traffic and pollution of the city. If you are a nature lover who is looking to spend time outdoors, this place is a must-visit with your family or friends on holidays and weekends.


Very nice depiction of the visit to a serene and beautiful natural water falls. It will certainly many more people to go and visit the place. All the best.

Beautiful detailing, Rathod saab.

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