Rajesh Vasavada

After completing M.Sc. (Physics) from Jodhpur University, Rajesh Vasavada did short stints as a medical representative and in a Bank. Thereafter, in 1978 Rajesh joined the Department of Customs and Central Excise. Rajesh retired on superannuation in 2012 after 34 satisfying years. From childhood Rajesh was fascinated by watercolors and paintings. He started training himself on his own from the tutorials and books on watercolor techniques available on the web. Paintings, photographs and sketches done by Rajesh are available for viewing on

A collage of paintings and photographs by Rajesh Vasavada.

Jaipur, 14 inches by 11 inches on fabriano paper, a painting by Rajesh Vasavada.

Jodhpur Fort, 14 inches by 11 inches on fabriano paper, a watercolour painting by Rajesh Vasavada.

Radha Krishna, 14 inches by 11 inches on Fabriano paper, a watercolour painting in Pattachitra style by Rajesh Vasavada.

A statue in the Royal Botanic Garden Sydney, 18 inches by 13 inches, a charcoal sketch on paper by Rajesh Vasavada.

Friends, 14 inches by 11 inches, a charcoal sketch on paper by Rajesh Vasavada. Included in an exhibition on

Golden Temple at Amritsar, an attempt to capture the setting evening light on gold, photograph by Rajesh Vasavada.

Sunset, setting sun on the beach at Havelock Island, photograph by Rajesh Vasavada.

Sunrise captured through trees at Port Blair, photograph by Rajesh Vasavada.


Wow! Wonderful paintings. Unbelievable for an amateur.

Excellent.proud to be collegue of a great artist.

A good change from the usual text ... feast for the eyes

गजब !!!

Rajesh, you hid this talent all through career. Fabulous. The color choices are amazing. See my wife Vatsala Rao's mural painting on the same site a month ago.Would love to your comments.
I showed you painting to her, which was loved.

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