Choosing my career path

Saksham Mathur

Saksham Mathur, age 13, is a student of class VIII at Anand Niketan International School, Ahmedabad. He is deeply interested in science and its mysteries.

Saksham loves outings to exotic places. He is very fond of playing cricket and table tennis. In his free time, Saksham likes to dabble in creativity and finer arts. He also enjoys speaking from public platforms.

Although I would probably like to have a career in physics, my career choice is still not rigid. The subjects I am most interested in are physics and chemistry.

Equations and diagrams in physics

Equations and diagrams in physics

I have always been enthralled by the universe and wish to understand the Earth and space from a scientific perspective.

A chemistry lab

A chemistry lab

I would also like to study computer science, mathematics, French and literature.

I would like to opt for computer science because I like to code and believe that knowledge about hardware and software along with experience in coding is a very practical skill set that I ought to have in this technologically advanced world.

Computer programming

Computer programming

Mathematics fascinates me too and would aid me especially if I choose to have a career in physics.

Pursuing French is a certainty for me since this language is a big passion of mine.

I love to express my thoughts and opinions in writing, making literature a likely choice for me also.

Economics, business studies, and psychology are some of the other subjects I can choose from, but don’t have a feel for, yet. Therefore, my first step in order to choose my subjects would be to explore these ones. Having prior knowledge about these subjects will help me be assertive and confident while making a choice.

Not having a fixed career in mind presently makes me little unsure about the choices I will make in the near future. However, as advised by my parents, I shall opt for my interests, and the perfect career will show itself to me.


Saksham your perfect career will be whatever you choose on your own in the times to come! Nice'Man Ki Baat'
S K Bhaskar

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