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Advaita is 10 year old and is studying in 6th Standard in Shatin College, Hong Kong.

The purpose of this pitch is to persuade you to trade something for some beginner - intermediate chess skills.

I will give you 45 minutes of private, professional and quick international chess training. There will be fast and easy strategies that help you win against any opponent and may help you to reach the grandmaster level.  There is absolutely no experience needed. You will gain precise and correct chess knowledge that will help you in the future.

Why should you gain the knowledge and strategies of chess? Well, playing chess results in better brain function, improved memory, strategic thinking and alertness. These things are needed in our everyday life, so chess will help to inculcate them. Chess also builds confidence in people who are frightened of making mistakes, and teaches them how to win and lose happily.

Has there ever been a time that you have had nothing to do? Yes, right? Chess is an incredibly beneficial pastime for anyone who has nothing to do. In this perplexing period of the painful pandemic, You may think that the chance to play chess is limited to people who possess a chessboard and have another person to play with, but that is a gigantic misunderstanding! All you need is an online opponent, or an easy computer contender. The brilliance of technology has not forgotten online chess! Soon, you will begin to actively enjoy the game, and all the boredom will gradually disappear.

I am sure that you have a couple of friends that you keep in touch with, but how exactly can you make more of them? Playing chess helps you socialise with people who play against you, who advise you, and people who have an interest in chess as well. With your “chess mates”, you can discuss tactics that may help you win against rivals, and maybe even talk about what you chat to a normal friend as well! With a blink of an eye and some cool chess skills, your gang of companions will expand thoroughly.

As you can see my skill enables players to be brought together, develop a sporting spirit, and learn about a global pastime. If you swap with me, then I would say out of all the benefits of chess, I guarantee you that you will never be bored again. You should know that there are over 800 million chess players around the world, so this is the chance to be one of them.  Would you like to swap your possession or skill for this amazing, 1:1 experience? I definitely would!


Very nice description about chess.

Interesting. Will connect next year when I superannute

Sir, Shatranj k bare me kuch bhi nhi janta mai..kbhi n khela aur n dekha hi hai..fir bhi itni km umra k Advaita j ke sahas aur Lakchya ki sarahna krta hu.. Nishchit Advaita j bhavishya me Global pahchan bnayenge,..Anant Shubhkamnaye sir 🙏🌹

Excellent article Sir....Very well written for a 10 year old..God bless her and may she continue to excel ...

Nicely written. Brilliant presentation. Good English. Hope she must be a good chess player.

अद्वैता की शतरंज में निपुणता का परिचय तो बाद में मिलेगा, जब वो चेस मास्टर या ग्रैंड मास्टर के रूप में विख्यात होगी, परन्तु जीवन में आदमी के लिए शतरंज कितना उपयोगी, लाभदायक हो सकता है, ये उसने बहुत अच्छे तरीके से विश्लेषित किया है। हम शतरंज के द्वारा अपने मस्तिष्क का व्यायाम कर सकते हैं, दूर तक सोचसक्ते हैं, योजनाएं बना सकते हैं, और समाज के साथ सामंजस्य बिठा सकते हैं, ये सारी बातें उसने समझाई हैं। और इतना ही नहीं, उसने पूरी गारंटी के साथ ये आत्मविश्वास व्यक्ति किया की वो हमे भी शतरंज खेलना ना केवल सीखा सकती है, बल्कि बेहतरीन खिलाड़ी भी बना सकती है। ये बात बहुत महत्वपूर्ण है। मैं उसके आत्मविश्वास और लेखन क्षमता की बहुत सराहना करता हूं। वो इसी तरह आगे बढ़े, ना केवल चेस, बल्कि शिक्षा, खेल और जीवन में भी सफलता के झंडे गाड़े। बहुत आशीर्वाद और साधुवाद।
God bless you Advaita. 👍👍

Extraordinary writing from a youngster. Her communication skills, coherence of thought process and wide knowledge of the game of Chess is incredible. It is a great pressure reading the story !

Excellent article by Adwaita .She has effective language control and excellent presentation skill.She should continue her writing.
Best wishes to her with lots of blessings.

Excellent article by Adwaita. She has good command in writing and has done it very well.She should continue writing articles in her spare time. By lots of blessings and best wishes.

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