A railing - Where will my teachers go?

Geetika Yadav

Geetika Yadav is a Class VIII student at St. Xaviers School, Behror, Rajasthan.

I have been bogged down by this thought for a while

That's why comes this my rail...

Why to one this type of treatment?

Why not for us any punishment?

Am sure my teachers were beaten and battered,

Tested in fire, therefore they shine like gold in a platter.

Sometimes, I wonder - where will my mentors, my moulders, my guides, my teachers go?

Sometimes, I think about my teachers' childhood and compare mine to theirs.

“Spare the rod, spoil the child.”

All paid heed and gave great importance to this saying. My mentors were punished in their childhood when they were children, surely!

But what about me now? Am I punished? Why not?

Today, all can see,

Corporal punishment is banned...

My guides cannot threaten me,

They cannot hit me,

They cannot spank me - thus to lead me through the correct path.

Again, I wonder,

Don't my parents scold me?

Am I not hit by my guardians?

Then why this drag with teachers?

It is said,

Teachers are second parents.

They are next to God.

Can't the Almighty punish me?

I wonder - If my teachers were punished then,

Wht not me punished now?

Am I different from them?

All the time I wonder,

My teachers were threatened by their teachers

When they were like me.

Maybe that's why they became teachers.

Most probably the punishment they met is the reason for their perfection.

Again, I wonder -

My teachers achieved their goal

Because of the fear of their teachers.

Will I ever be able to become perfect

Without the fear of my teachers?

Geetika Yadav, VIII B, St. Xaviers, Behror

On the occasion of Teachers' Day 2016 by Geetika Yadav


Geetika, you have already shown that you are on the way to being 'perfect.' Anyone who asks the question you asked - for him or her, the answer is an automatic Yes. It's not fear that teaches you - it is love and dedication.

For a person of your age,this is an excellent poetry. Keep it up. For the moment, our teachers never spared the rod when required.

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