Mrs. Geetha Nagarajan — a soul who inspired me

Piyali Kanabar

Piyali Kanabar is a teacher straight from the heart. She served Bhavan's Bhagwandas Purohit Vidya Mandir as a teacher for over two decades. She presently runs an institute in Nagpur catering to soft skills training and personality grooming called 'So What? A Center For Counseling and Professional Perfection'. She trains students, professionals and housewives in spoken English. She trains students for examinations like the IELTS, GRE, GMAT, PTE, SAT, TOEFL and CAT. She also undertakes behavioural counseling and guidance. She is the current President of the Nagpur Toastmasters Club. She is involved with Seva kitchen, serving free homemade food to caretakers of patients.

She came into our class as I was hoping and my wish came true. I was in sixth standard in Jodhpur Park Girls High School, Kolkata. I was mesmerized by her presence. A frail tall lady, fair, a single ponytail and thick glasses. I knew I wanted to be like her before I really interacted with her. Yes she was supposed to be our class teacher. The new session was beginning on a beautiful note.

Piyali Kanabar attended the Jodhpur Park Girls High School, at Kolkata, West Bengal.

She came in, greeted us with a insurmountable warm smile as if we knew each other since long and I quite remember the typical dictions which made her different from everyone else. Her deep husky voice was music to me.

Gradually with passing days I felt I was becoming her favourite student. She was full of encouragement, she barely rebuked or reprimanded, and instead she complimented us on our little efforts and told us how we could improve.

It was a day so beautiful when she asked us over to her place by sending a personal note to our parents. We all went to her place and she made adorable goodies and enchanting coloured milk was served to us. Then she sang for us, we for her and we all sang together. We saw a new aspect of our teacher. By that time the whole class began to possess her.

She said she had something to say and we all must behave well, like grownups.

Then came the reason of all the fun. She told us she was leaving for USA. The whole sky fell on our head.

The year which followed was very difficult for us to accept the new English teacher.

By that time I was convinced that I had to become a teacher with her traits. A compassionate and impartial teacher,a teacher who would do something extra for the kids to improve. Render that extra dash of kindness to make students comfortable. Encourage and appreciate students for their efforts and give them ideas to improve. Value all students alike.

Today, I am an accomplished teacher but "to improve" is always there lingering in my mind. Now I observe everything carefully and try to squeeze the best out of it and leave the rest.

I find being a teacher has etched a beautiful person in me, a strange thirst of quest, an invincible desire to improve, an abundance of appreciation and love for everything and a large treasure of friends mostly comprising of students, their parents and co teachers surround my world. I am a better communicator, a better leader, and a responsible citizen. I am rich today, all because I met the beautiful soul in Mrs Geetha Nagarajan — my teacher, my source of ignition — rather, my way finder.


Many a times, I think that why can't we have teachers as we had in our days. But then there are always one like you, Mam. You have not only paid her respect but you have re- lived her through your own life. I always pray almighty to create sculpturers like you to create beautiful men & women of the future.

piyali.. getting nostalgic... reminding me of her last day in school... how much we shed tears for our favorite teacher ....

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