Alwar: Historical Perspectives

Lokesh Mathur
Lokesh Mathur

Lokesh Mathur was born and brought up in Alwar. While attending Raj Rishi College, he started writing. He served as the editor of the college journal. Many of his articles on education were published in local newspapers and magazines. His journalistic pieces were featured in local, state-level and national-level journals and magazines of Alwar.

At the tender age of 18, he dared to publish a fortnightly newspaper called Youngsters Times, which was closed after three issues due to financial reasons. Later, he was indirectly involved in a Hindi monthly magazine published from Alwar.

In 2004, Lokesh started compiling history and historical documents related to Alwar. In 2012, he took advantage of the growing influence of social media to publish historical information, photographs and documents related to Alwar on a Facebook page called The Beautiful Alwar, which continues to this day. More than 3,700 people like this page.

Lokesh joined the United India Insurance Company at Alwar. Currently he is at the post of Assistant Manager based at Jaipur. He continues to remain involved in promoting Alwar and its history.

eBook cover of Alwar: Historical Perspectives by Lokesh Mathur

Editor's note: I am delighted to introduce Shri Lokesh Mathur, an amateur historian, who has spent many years researching the history of his home town, Alwar.

In this eBook, he presents many documents and photographs that capture Alwar's legacy through several perspectives: its thousand year history, its rulers, its important towns and monuments, and its cultural icons.

This is our first eBook in Hindi, a language in which Shri Lokesh Mathur has native fluency.

This eBook is dedicated to Shrimati Dayawanti Khem Chand whose birth anniversary falls on the launch date of this eBook.


I am very happy. Congratulations, Lokesh!

Thanks to Shri Lokesh Mathur for his Creation which will work as a Light for the persons who are interested to know about Historical Places in Alwar and also Update the knowledge of younger generation. I wish all the best once again to Shri Lokesh Mathur to bring out many more such creations...

It took me to memory lanes. Superbly written. Nostalgic. Authentic

I am thrilled to read this book. Knowing you in person, I am ascertained that this book must be a plethora of historical legacies of Alwar as you have always mentioned it like. Looking forward to reading the book soon and visiting the city even sooner.

A big congratulations to Lokesh for capturing the great information about our home soul

A very big thanks and congratulations to Fear Lokesh for bringing to light the galorious history of Alwar to the present generation. Keep it up.

Congrats, keep it up. Thanks

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