Exploits of Subedar Major &Hon Capt. Sardar Bahadur Narain Singh OBI,IOM

Madan Singh Shekhawat

Born in a small village of Gudha (Mehroli) , Sikar district on 05 November 1946 Madan Singh Shekhawat did his schooling his school from St Xavier’s School, Jaipur and went on to complete his graduation from Rajasthan College in Jaipur.

Inspired by his father, who was a gallantry award winner, he joined the Officers’ Training Academy at Madras (now Chennai). He was commissioned in the Regiment of Artillery in June 1968.

During his stint in the Army for six years he served in Sikkim, Rajasthan and Bengal and participated in Longewala 1971 war.

Subsequently in 1974 he was selected for the IAAS.

In service, Madan Singh was posted at Jaipur, Delhi, Lucknow, Patna , Gwalior , Hyderabad and Dehradun in various capacities.

Further he was selected to undertake the audit of various bodies of the United Nation Organisation at Paris, Bangkok, Copenhagen and Sweden. He retired as Dy Comptroller and Auditor General of India in Nov 2006.

Now settled at Jaipur, he undertakes philanthropic activities in his village.

Heroic exploits of the gallantry warrior Subedar Major & Hon. Capt. Sardar Bahadur Narain Singh OBI ,IOM in East Africa and Italy

        "Courage is the first of human qualities because it guarantees all the others.'

                                    so said Winston Churchill

In Eritrea on the night of 29th Jan 1941at Mt. Cochen, 6 Rajputana Rifles fought a fierce battle to the last man, like they say the gloves were off.

 Hon. Capt. Narayan Singh led his force and survived with a few men. Thereafter, his comrades swore by him and realized that  if they had to survive, they had better stayed with him.

 His bravery and leadership were truly exemplary and any soldier's envy.

 All these are enumerated in the  citation for Indian Order of Merit and Order of British India .

Please also note that  till 1911, Victoria Cross was not given to Indians and Indian  Order of Merit or popularly known IOM was the highest gallantry award given to Indians,

Thus we can surmise that  IOM was equivalent to the Mahavir Chakra of the present day India. 

                    Citation issued by Private Secreatry to His Excellency at New Delhi 

This is to certify that Subedar Major (5359- IO) Narain Singh, Sardar Bahadur, OBI.6 Rajputana Rifles was admitted by notification in the Gazette of India No 108 H dated the 2nd June 1945 to

the Indian Order of Merit for his gallant and distinguished services in Italy.. Subedar Major Narain Singh has served in the battalion through the war and as Subedar Major since 1940.

His conduct throughout the many engagements in which the battalion has taken part has been beyond praise.In periods of stress and strain he has paid frequent visits to forward companies and set an example of coolness and courage which has been a source of inspiration to all he came in contact with.

In Eritrea on the night of 29th January 1941 his encouragement to the men of the force who were withdrawing from Mt.Cochen,undoubtedly contributed to the success of the dawn attack which followed .

He displayed similar qualities on the 5th and 10th February in the operations west of Cheren. On the 16 th/17th June 1941 in the Halfaya Wadi he insisted on visiting the battalion at a very critical period and later helped to reorganizeit .

Again on the evening of 17 June, disregarding his own safety he encouraged his men when attacked and surrounded by enemy A.F.Vs .

At Cassino in February 1944, this officer showed great courage and leadership under heavy shell fire . He was responsible for the organisation and supply of rations and ammunition and though often under heavy shell fire he was always present encouraging and assisting in the loading with complete coolness .

His zeal, personality and devotion to duty contributed largely to the high standard of morale of the battalion. 

Subedar Major Narain has displayed considerable courage under fire and has a record of faithful service and unswerving loyalty which is hard to equal .

Admission to this Order will confer on Sub Maj(5359-IO )Narain Singh Sardar Bahadur O.B.I the Allowance laid down in Army Regulations in addition to the Ordinary pay of his Rank or any pension he may be entitled on retirement .

The Widow of Subedar Major (5359 -IO )Narain Singh Sardar Bahadur ,OBI will be entitled to receive the Allowance conferred by the Order upon her husband untill death or remarriage after the date of his decease ,and in the case of plurality of wives the first married will have the preference . The payment of the allowance will, however, be continued to a widow who remarries her late husband’s brother and lives a communal life with the other eligible heirs for family pension. 

Given under my hand at New Delhi this day of 14 CG August 1947.

By His Excellency’s Command

Private Secretary 

to His Excellency the Viceroy

                       Subedar Major &HonyCapt Sardar Bahadur Narain Singh OBI ,IOM

Silver Statue of Subedar Major &HonyCaptSardar  BahadurNarain Singh OBI,IOM installed in the Officers Mess of 3 Guards ( 1 Raj Rif ). The statue moves with the battalion.

                                                       Indian Order of Merit (IOM)

Indian Order of Merit was a military and civilian decoration of British India established in 1837. It was the highest gallantry award to an Indian by the British Indian Army . This was changed in 1911 when Indians became eligible for the award of Victoria Cross .It is equated with the present day Mahavir Chakra .

                                                   Order of British India ( OBI )

Order of British was established in 1837 by the East India Company for ‘long,faithful and honourable service ‘ .The Company’s powers were removed after the Indian Mutiny and the order was incorporated in the British honours system in 1889 .

This the braveheart story of Subedar Major Bahadur Narain Singh OBI IOM. 

                    As his son  I am proud to bring his story to the world .


My regards and salute to such a brave hearted soul. 🙏🙏

What a great honour to be his son Sir! I am feeling proud and lucky to be your friend. Warm Regards.

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